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Cover letters are the most obvious thing a hiring manager notices in your application.

As some employers do not request cover letters, there is no doubt that some still use them to know more about a job applicant.

It is one reason people submit cover letters in a project manager job hunt.

This cover letter and your resume give your employers reasons they should have you in their organization.

It showcases your qualifications and experiences that can positively impact your boss’s firm.

When writing a project manager cover letter, you must link these qualifications and experiences to the job description to enable your hiring manager to see why you are an excellent fit for the position.

We will be discussing practical tips for writing a project manager cover letter.

Qualities Of A Successful Project Manager

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What Makes A Project Manager Cover Letter?

Your Project Manager cover letter must showcase your most relevant accomplishments and qualifications. You should directly link the content to what the company needs. Nevertheless, you must include the following:


The heading should have your contact name and information. You can also input your website and LinkedIn.


Research the company or refer to the job posting.

Searching for the Hiring Manager’s Name is vital to get their attention. 

Avoid using generic terms.

Good Generic Cover Letter With No Experience 


In your introduction, highlight some of your top skills or achievements.

Write an exciting and engaging opening paragraph to capture their attention. Hiring Managers read hundreds of cover letters. 

Showcase Hard And Soft Skills

Showcase your range of skills in your cover letter. It is worth listening skills even if you aren’t sure they directly relate to the position.

The world of project management wants job seekers to have a mix of technical skills and knowledge combined with critical soft skills. 


Your cover letter should highlight a few of your best accomplishments.

To determine which accomplishments to include, go back to the job posting to see what the company is looking for.

Give examples of the results or impact of your work and show the employer how you met or exceeded expectations.

Briefly showcase your experience and strengths. Make sure your skills and experience match the job description.

Outline Why You Are Interested

Employers are looking for job applicants who will fit their company culture. Express your passion for their product/service or values

You need to explain why you want to join their team.


Reiterate the value you can bring and invite the employer to contact you for an interview.

How To Compose A Cover Letter For A Project Manager Position

1. Spell Out Your Qualifications.

Hiring managers can be overwhelmed by job applications. It is crucial to give the hiring manager an excellent reason to keep reading right away by listing your qualifications in the opening paragraph. 

Mention who you are and what relevant experience you bring to your cover letter opening.

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2. Link Each Cover Letter To The Job Position.

Old cover letters you used in the past can help you get started with your cover letter. But don’t forget to adapt them to each job position.

Companies like to see that you are genuinely interested in the job and the company and that you’ve done your research.

3. Know What The Company Wants.

Compose a new cover letter for each position you apply for. You should mention specific work or projects from the company that excites you.

Think about what you can include in demonstrating your value beyond the accomplishments listed on your resume. Your cover letter should connect your experience with the qualities the company is looking for and show why you are suitable for the job.

When applying to a large organization, consider what keywords an automated system might search for.

Project management roles may include agile, mitigation, change management, or risk management. A job description is usually an excellent way to gauge what qualities and skills might be keywords.

When Do You Include a Cover Letter In Your Job Application

4. Use Numbers.

A project manager’s cover letter should use numbers to show employers your impact on past assignments.

Highlight and quantify your achievements.

A successful project manager shows results, so you’ll want to share the extent of your accomplishments.

5. Always Proofread.

Before submitting any cover letter, check for spelling, grammar, or typographical errors.

Editing and proofreading.

Make sure you demonstrate the value you would add to the company by expressing your enthusiasm and explaining why you are applying.

Why Use A Cover Letter For A Project Manager Position?

The cover letter is to introduce the employer and convince him to invite you for an interview. It complements (but does not repeat) your resume.

In a cover letter for a project manager position, you can detail key accomplishments. 

Cover letters serve as an opportunity to tell an employer your story. Your cover letter should describe why you are a good project manager.

Sample Project Manager Cover Letter Template

[Full Name(s)]

[Contact Number]

[Email Address]

[Professional Website]


[Manager’s Name]

[Manager’s Job Title]

[Name of company]

[Firm Address]

Dear [Manager Name],

I am glad to see an opening for with [company name]. With my competence in [outline skills] and years of experience in [outline experience], I can help [company name] achieve its objectives.

I work as a [previous/current job position] at [previous/current company]. I [outline duties]. In carrying out my duties, I could [outline achievements]. I have developed important skills in [outline skills] that would be useful to  [company name].

Your [company’s] [outline qualities] are impressive. As a part of your team, it would be a privilege to [outline how you can help the firm].

You can reach me via [phone number] or [email]. Thank you for reading through my application. I hope to get feedback from you soon.




Project management is a profession that requires an understanding of the big picture and a keen awareness of the details.

Ensure your cover letter is formatted correctly and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to look over your cover letter to catch anything you may have missed.

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