SALPHA Energy Jobs And Recruitment Process 2024.

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SALPHA Energy is a Nigerian solar distribution house that offers a complete range of solar PV power systems built to suit every household.

SALSALPHA PHA Energy is focused on addressing the huge market need for energy by enabling people to harness the infinite source of light that’s freely accessible to everyone.

Through the use of leading innovations in renewable technology, which affords us the opportunity to place power in the hands of the people, through quality-conscious products that are built to last for outdoor campaigns, entrepreneurial activities, rural settlements, or disaster relief.


SALPHA Energy envisions a cleaner and sustainable future for everyone powered by solar energy, especially for the furthest behind in energy upgrades.

Creating Products to afford access to Energy at all Service levels, while still connecting a vast society to affordable and practical energy solutions.   

SALPHA Home Solar Solution

SALPHA Energy Offers a complete range of solar PV power systems designed especially for homes and businesses. Offers the following; 

Sunlight Transmission

Through this means, Sunlight hits the panels and generates an electric current (DC). 

Conversion of Solar to Power

The electric current flows into the inverter, which converts DC electricity to AC, the most commonly used form of electricity.

SALPHA Solar Transmission

The AC electricity flows from the inverter through to the breaker box, which directs the current to any appliance in the building that’s in use of electricity.

SALPHA Solar Panel

Excess electricity can also be drawn from the grid and stored in the batteries, to be consumed when necessary. 

SALPHA Solar Energy-House Supplies

Solar Inverter

SALPHA Energy supplies hybrid Solar Inverters and charge controllers that come with complete LCD displays, simplified wiring, guaranteed protections, and solar-grid dual power sources.

SALPHA Energy Storage Capacity and Warranty

The inverter batteries are solid enough to ensure storing and circulation of sufficient energy. It’s able to supply at least 24 hours of power, in the course of continuous rain, while retaining energy with little or no sunshine at all.

SALPHA Energy Solar Panels from the best of the best; Salpha uses high-quality solar panels with the highest efficiency rates available. 


SALPHA Energy guarantees high-quality installations from its highly qualified team of specialists.

Solar Panels Charge Controller- 3 years.

Batteries – 12 months.

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SALPHA Energy Jobs

  • Sales Representative.
  • Logistics/Warehouse Manager.
  • Front Desk Officer.
  • Sales Personal Assistant.
  • Accountant.
  • Human Resources and Administrative Officer.


Please note that the requirement for Jobs at SALPHA ENERGY is based on the position being applied for and hired for. Some of the basic requirements are;

  • A degree from a certified tertiary institution. Lowest NCE, OND, HND. Highest, B.SC. 
  • O’levels must include Mathematics and English language.
  • A degree or certificate in Electrical engineering and technology.
  • Applicants should be experienced in all fields, with at most five years of practical experience in technology-related sciences. 

Every other information is transmitted via the website. All applications and CV submissions are carried out via the website portal. 

For more information on career/jobs, visit: [email protected]

or http://www.salphaenergy.com 

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