10 Personal Brand Statement Examples To Inspire You

We live in a fast-paced world and with the multitude of innovations and inventions rising every day, the job and business market space has become more competitive than ever before.

Now the question is how can you stand out? How do you single yourself out from the crowd and reach your target audience?

The simple answer is personal branding. A strong personal brand conveys your skills, experiences, and expertise professionally. It distinguishes you from your competitors and presents what you offer as the better option. 

The first step to personal branding is creating a strong personal brand statement that sums up what you do and what you stand for. It will be the foundation for any branding initiatives you might have moving forward hence, it’s important you get it right from the start. 

In this article, we will be looking at what a personal brand statement is, why you need one, and some personal brand statement examples to inspire you. 

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What Is A Personal Brand Statement?

A personal brand statement is a short and definite sentence that summarizes what you do and what makes you unique. Essentially, it is your selling point. You can think of it as your slogan or motto. 

Your personal brand statement should be brief, just a sentence or two long, and should effectively convey what you offer in the most captivating, memorable, and unique way. 

Why Do You Need A Personal Brand Statement? 

Many people undermine the usefulness of a personal brand statement because they think of it as insignificant or time-consuming. But this shouldn’t be. 

Yes, it takes time to come up with a catchy and effective brand statement but the value of a brand statement should not be underestimated. Here are some reasons you need a personal brand statement; 

  • A strong personal brand statement stands you out from your competitors and helps you attract prospective clients and employers.
  • Including your brand statement in your social media bios can benefit you in the ever-competitive job market since employers screen candidates through their social media handles.
  • Your personal brand statement sums up your achievements, experiences, and expertise offering a quick glimpse of what you offer in a professional and trustworthy way.
  • A personal brand statement helps you control the narrative about yourself and introduce yourself in the best light possible.  

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Personal Brand Statement Examples For Inspiration

Here are 10 great examples of personal brand statements to inspire when writing your own:

1. Neil Patel

“Do you want more traffic?”

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most renowned online marketers in the world. He is an expert in SEO, digital marketing, and traffic generation. 

Although his personal brand statement is not your typical statement but a question, it is very straightforward conveying a strong message. Every business or website needs more traffic and Neil Patel has the expertise to make it happen. 

When it comes to crafting your own personal brand statement, you can think outside of the box, and break rules as long as you distinguish yourself from the crowd. 

Neil’s personal branding statement is very simple and effective because he has the credibility to back up his claim that he can help you get more traffic. 

The use of a question rather than a regular statement piques intrigue and curiosity in the audience.

2. Kate Toon

“I’m a misfit on a mission: to help other business humans create their own version of online success.”

Kate Toon

Kate Toon is an award-winning entrepreneur, copywriter, digital educator, author, speaker, and podcaster that specializes in helping small businesses reach a wider audience. 

Rather than focusing on her expert copywriting and SEO skills, she speaks directly to her intended audience   – business people telling them exactly how she can be of help. 

Your brand statement does not necessarily always have to be about what you do but about who you can do it for. You can incorporate your specialty into your personal statement to give you an edge if it caters to a particular audience.

3. Dave Nelson

“I believe in you… Now you must believe in yourself.”

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson’s personal brand statement is a straightforward and powerful statement that instills confidence in his audience. For over 15 years, Dave has been helping people achieve their goals by coaching them on health, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. 

He is also a personal trainer and podcaster. He enables his audience with the proper information relating to health, wellness, and fitness to help them tap into their inner strength to achieve their desired results. 

4. Sujan Patel

“I build and grow SaaS companies.”

Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel is a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist that is committed in helping SaaS companies grow. His eye-catchy personal brand statement affirms that he not only contributes to the growth of businesses but to their expansion as well. 

To establish his achievements and trustworthiness, Sujan showcases the list of well-known businesses he has partnered with as well as features in media outlets.

5. Pam Moore

“50% Marketing, 50% Geek – 100% Social Business Results!”

Pam Moore

Pam Moore is a popular social Media Influencer, marketing consultant, international keynote speaker, best-selling author, and host of the Social Zoom Factor podcast. Her brand statement describes her as half nerd, half marketer, and all-around social expert which in truth speaks of her personality.

Your brand statement says a lot about you and your personality. You can opt for a sincere and straightforward statement like Pam Moore and it would still come off to be refreshing and effective. 

6. Kent Blumberg

“I energize, focus, and align manufacturing organizations, resulting in sustainable acceleration of processes, reduction in waste, and growth of profits.”

Kent Blumberg

This is a great way to summarize your services and who they help. It simply highlights your area of expertise and the results you promise to deliver. 

You can adopt this format when writing your own brand statement to describe what you do and its outcome in a straightforward way.

7. Irene Koehler

“The Internet tells a story about each of us. Take control of yours.”

Irene Koehler

What better way is there to learn personal branding other than from a personal branding expert? Irene Koehler has helped a large number of people take control of their personal brands and achieve their goals through the strategic and intentional use of digital and social media. 

Her motivating and attention-grabbing personal brand statement connects with her target audience and prompts them to take control of their story.

8. Austin Belcak

“I teach people how to land jobs they love in today’s market without traditional experience and without applying online.”

Austin Belcak

Austin Belcak is a famous career coach. His personal brand statement superbly showcases his skills and expertise in a mater-of fact way.

Although Austin’s statement is in the simplest terms, it emphasizes his specialized knowledge in educating others to fulfill their desired goals.

9. Joe Pulizzi

“Author, podcaster, marketing speaker, and entrepreneur.”

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi summarizes all he does in one brief, catchy and straightforward sentence. This straightforward format of writing would be best if you want to avoid introducing yourself in rigid formats.  

When crafting your own statement, begin with what makes you unique, and the services you can offer your clients. What titles do you hold? Think about them and include your best skills in your statement. 

Joe’s personal brand statement summarizes all he can do and why a client should choose him over his competition.  

10. Larry Kim

“Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.”

Larry Kim

Larry Kim is a search marketing guru and the founder of Wordstream and Mobile Monkey. Larry’s brand statement is wildly different from anything on this list, but it perfectly captures his message of not following the crowd and making a unique impression. 

If you get confused about the approach you should take when writing your statement, you can go for something entirely different and original to stand out. Larry is a search marketing expert and the founder of Wordstream and Mobile Monkey. 

His brand statement is completely out of the ordinary and regular yet it perfectly conveys his message. “Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys” is creative, fun, and relatable. You don’t have to follow the craft when crafting your own Personal brand statement. Dare to be different. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your 3 Sentence Personal Brand Statement?

A personal brand statement is a 1-3 sentence(s) long sentence that explains what you do and why you are unique in your field. It summarizes your experience, your skills, and your passion so that people can easily relate to who you are and what you offer.

How Do I Brand Myself Examples?

Here are some great personal branding examples
Choose a Logo and Color Story. 
Keep Things Organized. 
Keep Things Simple. 
Use Branded Links. 
Personalize Your Images.
Find Your Brand Voice. 
Let Your Work Do the Talking.
Stand out from the crowd
Be Authentic and Real
Be Diverse and Unique

How Do You Write A Personal Brand Statement?

Write down all your skills.
Figure out who you love to do those things for.
Listen to what everyone else is saying. 
What do you do differently? 
Who’s your target audience? 
Put it together in a few sentences.
Add adjectives, and simplify it. 
Make people want more.

How Do I Sell Myself As A Brand?

Identify specific target markets.
Know your marketplace. 
Be visible and “in play” 
Become a source of relevant information. 
Always give something back to your profession and community. 
Practice networking etiquette.

What Is A Good Personal Brand?

A good personal brand is cohesive, clear, and consistent and aims to serve a specific audience. 

What Is Your Unique Personal Brand?

Your unique personal brand refers to how you present yourself, your skills, your experience, and your career goals to other professionals. It differentiates you from your competitors in the job market.

How Do I Describe My Brand?

To describe your brand, think about your company’s unique value proposition then conduct customer research if you feel that it could help you better understand what your customers want and need. Think of ways you can position your company with a clear, strong image that will align with customers’ needs’.

What Do I Want My Personal Brand To Be?

Your personal brand should be able to highlight your strengths, establish a reputation, build trust, and communicate the unique attributes that you bring to your current or desired industry.

What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

Your personal brand describes who you are, what you stand for, and your skills and experiences. Personal branding showcases your strengths and personality as well as tells your story. 

What Are The Main Elements To Build A Personal Brand?

Point of view.
Show up consistently.
Your network.


We are in a world where almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a website and an online presence. Personal branding can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

A personal brand statement is a simple tool that can help you achieve your objectives regardless of industry or profession. 

Creating one can be a little intimidating but a successful and unique personal brand statement will help you get ahead of the competition in any field or sphere of life. 

We would like to hear your thoughts. Which format do you prefer to use when crafting your personal brand statement? Kindly drop your comments in the section below. 

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