10 Career Jobs That Start With Z

This article describes the job responsibilities, educational requirements, workplaces, and individual qualities required of working-class individuals who are specialists in the various lucrative career jobs that start with Z.

After reading this article, we hope these career jobs provided for you will drive you towards a particular goal of success. 

Let us take a look at the career jobs.

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Career Jobs That Start With Z

1. Zoologist 

These professionals work alongside wildlife biologists to understand how animals blend into the environment and interact with the ecosystems, study both domestic and wild animals, and research humans’ impact on animals and their habitats.

After completing his or her studies, a zoologist can work in places such as Museums, animal zoos, wildlife parks, research institutions, and NGOs, in universities as a zoology professor, in high schools as an animal biology teacher, in veterinary hospitals, environmental protection agencies, and government-owned agencies.

The educational qualifications required of a zoologist are a high school science graduation degree, a bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology, animal biology, zoology, or general biology.

2. Zinc Blasting Miner

A zinc Blasting Miner is an engineer responsible for mining the earth to produce mineral forms -such as lead and silver- of zinc in its ore. 

Zinc blasting miners work to provide zinc to consumers for several uses, such as: using zinc as a coat to stop steel and iron from undergoing corrosion and using zinc to make brass and bronze.

3. Zip Sorter

Zip sorters are individuals who handle mail deliveries. They ensure that mail is delivered to the target houses in no time.

Zip sorters arrange, categorize, organize deliveries and send them to their different destinations either through logistics companies or self-deliveries. 

Zip sorters can work in warehouses, mail sorting and delivery firms and post offices. 

4. Zoo Veterinarian 

Zoo veterinarians are professional doctors who work in zoos to keep animals captive, such as tigers, elephants, rhinos, tortoises, peacocks, snakes, lions and their cubs, monkeys -and so many more- in good health condition and shape. 

Animals suffering from different ailments are handed over to the veterinarian doctor to determine what is wrong. 

Zoo veterinarians have a firm understanding of the anatomical build of different animals and know exactly what medical treatment procedures and medications to prescribe for wellness.

All zoo veterinarians have a bachelor of science degree in veterinary medicine and are certified by the medical board, giving them an automatic license to practice as a veterinary doctor.

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5. Zoology Teacher

A zoology teacher works in a college, secondary school, manufacturing companies, government agencies, or aquariums to guide students on their journey to learning all about the animal kingdom, their ecosystem and their natural habitats. 

A biological science certification, zoological science certification, and a firm understanding of animal anatomy, behavioural actions and their habitats are required of an aspiring zoology teacher to be considered competent enough to practice as a zoology teacher. 

A high school graduation certificate is also an asset to aspiring zoology teachers. 

6. Zoning Engineer

A Zoning engineer works on different construction sites, such as roads, railways, airports, power plant companies, irrigation districts, sewage systems, water distribution companies, dams, harbours, bridges, and channels. 

They take up the responsibility of budget planning, designing, drawing blueprints, implementing and overseeing any kind of construction on the sites mentioned above.

Zoning engineers graduate with a bachelor of science, master’s degree and doctorates in civil engineering and have several qualities such as being very intelligent, efficient, mathematically inclined, having technical competency, problem-solving abilities, and a creative mindset.

7. Zumba Dance Instructor 

A Zumba dance Instructor is a fitness expert and coach who guides his or her clients through their fitness journey by conducting Zumba dance classes to lose excessive weight.

The Zumba aerobic dance exercise targets many body parts, such as the stomach, abs, arms, thighs, glutes and legs. 

It tones the whole body, increases balance and flexibility, decreases aerobic respiration rates/ muscle strength, and makes you fitter and healthier.

A good Zumba dance instructor should be physically fit, have high energy, have stamina and agility, and have a positive, fun, cheerful and optimistic personality.

8. Zinc Supplement Manufacturer

Zinc supplement manufacturer work in supplement manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, or research laboratories. 

The zinc supplement manufacturers extract natural and absorbable zinc minerals -such as zinc citrate, zinc glycerate, zinc picolinate, zinc acetate, zinc mono-methionine and zinc sulfate- that are potent enough for consumption by people who lack the mineral in their bodies. 

They package them in edible capsules and supply them to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies that retail them to consumers. 

9. Zigzag Stitcher

A zigzag stitcher is a sewing professional who makes use of an industrial sewing machine to make very strong zigzag stitches in fabrics that stretch a lot by sewing from side to side rather than sewing straight. 

Zigzag stitchers are familiar with zigzag sewing trends and styles and meet up with client’s demands by professionally designing and decorating their stretchy fabrics. 

An example of zigzag stitch sewing are knitted skirts, shirts, bikinis, bags and so on. 

10. Zanjero

Zero is an individual employed to clean water distribution systems, ensure that all reservoirs/canals/lakes/rivers/ponds are clean, supervise an irrigation district or location, and supervise the water distribution systems of water companies in Zanza.

They manage water resources and supervise all water systems for malfunctions and work to put them in order by repairing them. 

Zanjero is one of the career jobs that start with y that requires a formal education, and one basically requires a secondary school graduation certificate and a bachelor of science degree in courses such as civil engineering, hydrology, and water resource engineering in order to be considered proficient enough for the job description.

Some Other Career Jobs That Start With Z 

  • Zigzag Appliquer
  • Zigzag Elastic Attacher
  • Zigzag Machine Operator 
  • Zipline Guide
  • Zincographer
  • Zinc Skimmer
  • Zone Maintenance Engineer
  • Zookeeper
  • Zyglo Inspector 
  • Zone Manager


The job opportunities that the career jobs that start with Z offer are not too many, but we have described at least 10 of the most promising job positions, and we hope they suit your professional taste enough to make you pursue a career from the job descriptions we have provided in this blog.

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