How To Make Time Go Faster At Work: 10 Ways To Help

While working, we often get tired and cannot just wait to close for the day; then, it seems like time is crawling. 

If you have experienced days that time is extremely slow at work and you need it to go faster so that you get it over with, then this article is for you.


Some days the jobs we need to get done could be lengthy; other days, it’s just the feeling of fatigue that makes us want the time to go faster so that we can close for the day. 

We have come up with a solution for your work problem. This article will give you 10 ways on how to make time go faster at work.

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What Makes Time Go Slow At  Work

Being Idle 

When you are engaged in an activity, your mind is occupied, you have no time for other times, and you often forget to check the time. 


Therefore, being idle and disengaged makes time go very slowly. Conversely, you are disconnected and more prone to boredom when you have nothing to do.

Lack Of Concentration On The Job 

When you don’t concentrate on the job and task at hand, the time tends to move slowly, and it will take forever to get to the end of work hours. 

Paying attention to the job and doing it makes the time run faster; if you don’t, be sure you will have a long day waiting for the close of work.


It has been proven scientifically that time is usually slow when you anticipate something in the future. 


Therefore, being anxious about closing from work and anticipating work closure makes time go slowly.

Negative Feeling

Negative emotions can sometimes make one feel like time is moving slowly. One will have a kind of emotion, and the day will seem never-ending. A stressful time/day at work will always seem longer.

An uncomfortable wait for a doctor’s appointment is a prime example of when your mood can prolong those tics. A tired day and moment is extended for the same reasons you would call a rough day.

How To Make Time Go Faster At Work

1. Set A Target

Setting a target/goal before starting a job helps you condition your mind and body to meet that target. 

For each new day, your target should be higher than the previous day’s target. It will keep you occupied in trying to beat your target so that the time will seem faster.

2. Get Occupied 

Getting occupied with your daily task and meeting your targets helps make time go faster at work. 

Once you keep your mind occupied, you won’t have the time to notice that time is moving slowly.  The idea is to get occupied then the time will fly.

3. Take Short Breaks In-Between

A job can be cumbersome and sometimes never-ending. Taking breaks helps your mind relax and get ready for the job. 

Taking breaks helps you finish the job properly and make time go faster. The idea for taking a break is to help you relax your mind, so you can take a walk to get some air or stay quiet and some time.

4. Listen To Music 

Listening to music helps you stay focused and motivated to do your job, which will, in turn, make the time go faster. Ensure that while you work, there’s music in your ear or the background.

Listen to a genre of music you love that will energize/motivate you to put in more effort and energy into what you are doing.

5. Chitchat With An Office Friend 

Time will fly when you talk and connect with a friend at work. Make out time to talk to co-workers and get to know them. Taking with your colleagues at work can motivate you to do your job.

While doing your job, talking with your colleague can make time run faster.

6. Munch On Some Snacks

If you munch on snacks while you work, you won’t notice how slow the time is. Makes snacks available and much on them whenever you feel the need to do so. Ensure that the snacks you eat are healthy.

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7. Ignore The Clock

Focusing on the clock to monitor how time is going will make the time crawl. Do away with monitoring the clock. 

While at work, ensure you lose track of time by ignoring the clock; the next time you check the time, you’ll find out that it’s going faster.

8. Create A To-Do List 

Have a daily list of what you want to do, and try your best to follow it. Having this list helps you to be disciplined with time. It helps you get motivated to do everything on your list before work hours end.

Having a to-do list makes time go faster because you will get occupied in finishing what you have on this list.

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9. Find A Hobby 

Getting a hobby is one way to help time go faster. When you have something you love doing to channel your energy on aside work, it helps the time go faster. 

Having a hobby can also come in handy in taking breaks. When you take those breaks, try engaging in a hobby, something that you like doing. This will make time run faster.

10. Get More Responsibility

If you have more work to do and more responsibility to handle, you wouldn’t have the time to watch the time. Getting more responsibility and a job done makes the time run faster. 

If you finish your task for the day, you can ask your boss to take on more responsibility.


What Makes Time Go By Faster?

Activities like listening to music, reading books, and seeking out new experiences will help reduce anxiety and make time seem to pass faster,” says Bozeman. “These activities address the overall mood and well-being, and interaction with others and physical activity also fall into this category.

Is It Possible To Speed Up Time?

The passage of time does not speed up. It is what it is, regardless of our actions: an hour is an hour, whatever we do. The passage of time is not affected by our use of time. However, there is one special area in which we can speed up time: the transmutation of certain nuclear waste.

Why Does Work Go By So Slow?

Feeling that time passes slowly often stems from boredom, which is closely related to engagement. While you may not be the space cowboy your seven-year-old self aspired to be, it is essential that you find your work meaningful and thus stimulating.

Why Does Time Go By So Fast And Slow?

Although the clock and how all this time is measured together is still unknown, one proposed reason for the altered perception of time is that we perceive our mind’s time in real-time – meaning that the processing speed in our brain may be what’s underlying of how fast or slow we feel. Time Goes By.

Does Time Move Faster As You Age?

This is sometimes called “log time.” The thing is, as we get older, a year becomes a smaller fraction. A year for a five-year-old is one-fifth (or 20%) of their life so far, but a year for a 50-year-old is one-fiftieth (or 2%), so it seems to fly by ten times faster.

Why Do I Work Better Late At Night?

For some, it’s simply because there are fewer distractions, and they can focus more easily. Others find they are more productive when they have uninterrupted time to work. And still, others find that they think best when it’s quiet and can think more creatively.

What Time Do Most People Leave Work?

As you would expect, many commuters leave home between 7 am and 8 am. However, rates are much more concentrated in some districts than others around this time.


In this article, you have seen that time can go faster at work. If you have experiences whereby work days seem so long and never-ending, try these ways to make time run faster and experience the magic.

To make time go faster at work, avoid the things that make time go slower. Ensure you practicalize how to make time go faster at work written in this article.

Let us know if this worked in the comment section, and share it with those who need this information.


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