How Many Views To Make Money From YouTube [2023] – 10 Tried And Tested Ways

Views are known to be an accurately calculated number of times that your published video has been watched. For every video play of at least 20 to 30 seconds, YouTube registers it as a legit view. 

For every time your video is rewatched – even if it is being watched by the same person/channel/laptop or android – YouTube counts it as a fresh view. 

According to the rating on the internet, a YouTube channel gets paid a sum of $18 per 1000 views, $200 per 10,000 views, $2,000 per 100,000 views and $20,000 per 1 million views/subscribers in 2023.

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How To Get More Views On Youtube | 10 Tried And Tested Ways 

Views are essential if you want to promote your channel, rank among the top content creators and make money on YouTube. 

Realistically speaking, YouTube will never consider paying a content creator who has less than the needed number of views per content, and no content creator will be happy with zero or few views after publishing a video that took hours and a lot of effort to create.

This is why having an adept knowledge of how to achieve more views on a YouTube channel is a strategic skill which every content creator should have at his or her fingertips if you have ever constantly asked yourself, “Why does my YouTube channel have few views” then this article is here to guide and accurately inform you.

1. Concentrate On One YouTube Niche

Many YouTube content creators undermine the importance of clearly focusing on a particular niche, but it may come as a shock to you that this is a non-negotiable strategic move to make money on YouTube. 

It will greatly benefit your business if you figure out a niche you are genuinely passionate about, make engaging content and publish on the channel consistently. This will automatically deem you fit & reliable, and you will gain the trust of your audience. 

As a result of the consistent engagements with your audience, your channel will hit 1000 subscribers with 4,000 views daily in the long run. Then you can monetize your channel by paying for Google Adsense.

2. Research Keywords Before Filming And Publishing On YouTube

Extensive keyword research helps you to comprehend the search intent of viewers better, and when you use the target keywords provided by a keyword research tool, YouTube’s search engine takes up the responsibility of making your video accessible to people who are using the keywords to search for topics.

Once you publish a video with target keywords added to your crafted video’s title tag, description, and chapters, your views will be boosted in no time.

3. Use Engaging YouTube Video Title Tags

An engaging title should not only provide target keywords you got from a keyword research tool. It should effectively:

  • Describe what your video is all about 
  • Portray the search intent of the viewer 
  • Appeal to the viewer

Only an appealing and interactive video title can be able to attract more clicks and views.

4. Grab The Viewer’s Interest With A Perfect Introduction

Viewers usually get bored or not in the first 30 seconds of watching a YouTube video. 

If your introduction is boring and sluggish, they will swipe to the next video provided on the YouTube search engine. 

Tips On How To Create A Catchy Intro

  • Do not prolong the introduction.
  • Make the viewers laugh from time to time.
  • Don’t dissatisfy the viewers by making an introduction that does not match with the video title provided.

5. Create Content With Other YouTube Channel Owners To Reach A New Audience

If you would love to gain a fresh audience, then collaborating with other content creators is the way to go. It will be a win-win situation because you both will actually benefit from each other. 

You both will have to brainstorm engaging ideas for content together to keep the viewers hooked to your channel and also make sure you publish a video which describes a topic or hashtag already trending.

It is important to note that you cannot collaborate with just any content creator; you have to collaborate with an individual whose channel: 

  • Correlates with your own channel.
  • Has an audience that loves viewing content on the topics you cover.
  • Has a captivating number of views
  • Has organic and genuine subscribers 

6. Try YouTube Shorts

The duration of YouTube Shorts is about 7 seconds to one minute, but they usually get more views than regular YouTube videos. YouTube Shorts are just exactly as short, well-detailed and brief as the videos you watch on Instagram Reels Or TikTok. 

These days, short-form repetitive videos are now used by YouTube to make channels rank and earn more views. It is advisable to add YouTube shorts to your channel as a means to attract more views on your channel.

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7. Consistency Is Key

If there is a hard concept about content creation but easy to comprehend, it is consistency. 

Nevertheless, a YouTube content creator has to:

  • Upload videos regularly
  • Engage with their audience at least every week, consistently create and maintain quality thumbnails.
  • Go on live streams regularly, 
  • Reply to the comments of viewers, 
  • Regularly post on the community tab 

All these should be done to satisfy his or her audience, rank among the top content creators on YouTube, and outsmart their competitors. 

8. Comply With The Community Guidelines And Terms Of YouTube

Suppose you promote your channel with respect and regard to the rules and regulations of YouTube. 

In that case, your channel will remain in good condition, and you will be allowed to continue building your views until you achieve your goal of hitting 1 million views on YouTube. 

A violation of the terms and guidelines of YouTube may have your channel banned and disqualified forever or, if you are lucky, for a few months.

9. Consistently Interact With The YouTube Community

You can do this by liking and commenting on other YouTube channels, joining live streams regularly, replying to the comments made on your YouTube videos etc. 

These social interactions send a positive sign to YouTube, and as a result, your channel will be perceived as engaging and worthy of being ranked.

In the same way, you socially interact on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, TikTok, and Instagram; YouTube needs just the same before your channel can be recognized.

10. Conduct A Contest Or A Giveaway

If there is anything that social media users cherish, it is a giveaway or a healthy contest to win nice prizes. Contests and giveaways serve to optimize your views on YouTube by encouraging every viewer to subscribe to your channel and interact.

After every contest or giveaway, you may realize that your YouTube subscribers and views have increased amazingly or that it was a waste of time. 

Ensure that you are achieving positive results by conducting giveaways so that your resources, time and money will not be in vain. 

How Many Views To Make Money From YouTube 2023 | 10 Tried And Tested Ways

An individual can monetize his or her YouTube channel by various means, such as:

1. YouTube Premium

YouTube pays content creators per view when their audience engages with their published content on YouTube Premium. The content creators are paid part of the subscription fee of each viewer that engages with their content.

2. YouTube Ads

This is a very popular monetization method used by content creators on YouTube. They publish advertisements on their YouTube videos and get paid once any of their viewers click on the ad to watch it for up to 20 – 30 seconds. 

But, there are certain criteria that will qualify an individual and make him or her eligible to apply for YouTube Adsense.

YouTube Adsense Terms And Conditions Are As Follows:

  • You have to reside in a country where YouTube Adsense is available.
  • There should be no mishaps or ongoing community guidelines violation strikes on your YouTube channel.
  • You must have achieved at least organic 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months 
  • You must have achieved at most 1,500 views and subscriptions.

3. YouTube Fan Funding

Fan funding is achieved by creating a membership program for an audience, and then the audience voluntarily provides financial support to the YouTube creator. 

Fan funding can be made possible by using Patreon, Kickstarter, or a GoFundMe account.

4. Brand Partnerships | Sponsored Content

This is quite different from affiliate marketing. To make money on YouTube by making sponsored content and partnering with brands, all you have to do is charge a fee as many times as you want in exchange for promoting the product of a specific brand. 

You can create a video describing everything a potential buyer needs to know about the product/brand. 

After creating the video, it will be posted on your channel and the channel of the owner of the product in order to increase views, gain the trust of potential buyers and increase sales. 

5. Affiliate Marketing

An individual can also make good money on YouTube by boosting product sales and creating awareness for an established brand. Once a product is successfully sold, the marketer earns a commission payment. 

Affiliate marketing is very effective because people barely put their trust in advertised products anymore. 

Affiliate marketing is a third-party authentic means of advertisement which easily earns the trust of viewers, thereby making them feel confident enough to make purchases. 

6. Provide Services Through Your YouTube Channel

Suppose you are a chef, interior decorator, real estate agent, gym instructor, graphic designer, affiliate marketer etc.

In that case, you are eligible to allow your audience to hire you in order to get a particular job done. 

Specializing in a very lucrative field will make you earn very good money on YouTube.

7. Creating Playlists (Content ID)

If you are into music and can create engaging playlists, you can open a YouTube channel focusing on the music niche. 

Once your music channel gets more than 1,000 views and subscriptions, YouTube will start paying you.

8. Product Reviews And Unboxing

You can start by allowing subtle advertisements on your platform, and this approach will likely be made possible by publishing unboxing and review videos on your channel. 

Your next strategy should be to achieve up to 2,500 – 3,000 subscriptions and views from different established brands. 

Then in exchange for a small fee, get brands to request unboxing reviews from you. That is how to start making money through product reviews and unboxing.

9. Channel Memberships

Charge your audience a small fee to be paid on a monthly basis in exchange for special audience perks that you offer on your YouTube channel.

10. Super Chat And Super Stickers

Your audience & fans will be charged a specific fee for emphasis to be placed on their messages or animated images in YouTube chat streams.


How Much Money Do You Make On Youtube Per 1,000 Views On Youtube?

On average, a YouTuber earns around $0.018 for each view, which amounts to $18 for every 1,000 views.

How Much Money Are 1 Million Views On Youtube?

You can expect to earn up to $6 per 1,000 views. This means your estimated earnings would be $1,200 to $6,000 for every million video views you post.

How Many Youtube Views Do You Need To Get Paid?

To earn money on YouTube, you must first qualify for monetization, and it needs at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

How Much Money Are 100k Views On Youtube?

The range of how much money you can earn with 100,000 views on your YouTube channel is between $400 and $2,400. When your audience is engaged, the more ads they will see in your videos, the higher your CPM will be.

Does Youtube Pay Monthly?

The AdSense payment cycle is monthly. Estimated earnings are accumulated throughout the month and at the start of the next month. The earnings are finalized and credited to your balance on the Payments page.

How Much Money Are 20 Million Views On Youtube?

On average, YouTube pays its creators around $2-$5 per 1,000 views, which means that with 20 million views, you can earn between $40,000 and $100,000. That’s quite an impressive amount of money, isn’t it?

How Much Does Tiktok Pay Per View?

The ratings show that TikTok pays between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 views, which equates to just $20 to $40 per million views.

How Much Does Tiktok Pay For 1 Million Views?

TikTok payments lie between $20 and $40 per one million views. The survey found that the TikTok creator fund pays between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views, so this is just an estimate.

Does Youtube Pay For Subscribers?

A YouTuber doesn’t get paid based on how many subscribers follow their account, and ad views are the main source of revenue for YouTube content creators.

How Much Is The First Payment From Youtube?

You can start withdrawing money once you earn $100 on the platform. With the average YouTuber earning between $2 and $12 per 1,000 views, you’ll need a solid following or a few big hits before any income starts to generate.


It is no longer news that making money and gaining views on YouTube proves to be a bit harder than before in these current times, what with the constant change in algorithms and the competition struggle. 

But, with consistency and willingness to achieve at least 3000 views to make money from YouTube in 2023, you can attain success on YouTube and become your own boss by applying these tried and tested ways.

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