23 Interview Questions To Find A Top-Notch Marketing Manager 

Asking Interview questions enables employers to get to know their marketing manager job applicants. 

Getting a skilled marketing manager is important because he or she can significantly impact your organization; recruiting the perfect candidate begins with asking all applicants top-notch interview questions.


In this article, we have compiled 23 interview questions that can enable you to land a top-notch marketing manager who can understand buyers’ needs and the sales process and has critical thinking/good teamwork/communication/organizational skills. 

Interview Questions To Find A Top-Notch Marketing Manager 

1. How Would You Contribute To Enhancing Our Brand’s Online Presence?

This question serves to show you if a candidate has a basic knowledge of brand awareness and promotion. 

If a candidate has such knowledge, you will observe that he or she will show familiarity with social media platforms that promote brand awareness and will also be able to mention some strategies that can help your brand to acquire a very strong social media presence.


2. Tell Me About Any Marketing Campaign You Have Managed From The Point Of Initiation Till The End. What Were Your Strategies To Optimize Your Workflow? How Did You Go About Challenges? Did You Successfully Manage The Marketing Campaign?

By asking this question, you will be able to know all candidates who have had working experience in the brand awareness field. 

Such a candidate will likely be an asset to your brand.

3. What Strategic Content Marketing Yields The Best Results? 


The candidate should have knowledge of different content marketing strategies and have concrete evidence/proof of a content marketing process he/she has successfully executed in some previous campaigns. 

4. Have you ever witnessed a product being marketed unsuccessfully/awfully? Why do you think the product did not sell successfully? How would you market the product differently?

A candidate with working experience in marketing management will find it easy to answer this question. 

Candidates who have had experience are usually adept in the strategies of achieving a successful brand marketing campaign, and so he or she will share some strategic points with you; he or she will also share the wins and losses (challenges). 

5. How would you successfully manage a product launch/product marketing process from this organization?

This enables you to understand how each candidate would manage the responsibility of launching a product from your brand. 

Any candidate who gives a reply that suits your professional interests, that candidate is an asset to your organization.

6. What strategies/ideas would you contribute and work toward for the purpose of providing better customer service to our target market?

Before an individual applies for a job in a particular company or organization, he or she must have basic knowledge of what the company does and the target market of the company, and so this interview question serves the purpose of testing each individual you interview. 

By asking this question, you will find out if the job applicants understand your target market, their possible challenges, and their possible needs.

7. How would you describe our brand? What makes our brand unique from the competition in the related field?

This will enable you to find out if the candidates seeking to attain the job position you’re offering have an understanding of what your company offers society and how it makes you unique and stand out.

8. How would you encourage the management of this brand to buy your idea for a fresh campaign?

With the help of this interview question, the candidates will understand how to present and sell new campaign ideas. It will also enable you to know which candidate is persuasive enough.

9. What role did you play in your most successful brand marketing campaign?

Get a descriptive explanation of how the candidate you are interviewing contributed to a positive campaign. The candidate should also mention the role he/she played in achieving success. 

10. Why Are You Applying For This Job Position?

This question is important because it enables you to understand the candidate’s marketing professional goals. You would also know if he/she is applying because he loves the job or just because of the salary compensation.

11. Describe how you would achieve expertise on brand products you are given to the market.  

The individual you would employ as your marketing manager has to attain an adept knowledge of what it takes to create product/brand awareness and achieve satisfactory results to increase sales of the products. 

If he/she lacks that knowledge, then they are not skilled enough to work in your brand.

12. Tell me about yourself and previous work experiences. 

This way, you will find out the family background, marketing management working experience, and skillfulness of all the candidates before you start employing them. 

13. What skills do you think an aspiring marketing manager should have?

The job description of a marketing manager demands some professional skills such as; problem-solving skills, creativity, and management skills.

14. How do you intend to keep yourself up to date with marketing trends?

Your marketing manager should be well-learned and updated in various marketing trends; candidates who have no plans on keeping themselves up to date on trends are not ready to be marketing managers. 

15. How experienced are you in the marketing profession? Do you have any marketing credentials, certificates, or degrees you have attained?

It’s important that you recruit an individual whose resume includes marketing experience and credentials; this shows he or she is competent enough for the marketing manager position. 

16. What are the different target market outreach strategies to use and reach your target audience? 

Candidates should know social media outreach strategies like advertising, interpersonal communications/relations, selling directly to the target market, marketing on social media, and running sales promo.

17. Why do you presume a marketing manager needs to have leadership capabilities/skills?

This is a very important question; look out for specific candidates who can answer this question intelligently and dominantly. Such individuals are likely to stand a chance of being great marketing managers. 

Every brand needs a marketing manager who will be assertive enough to lead his or her teammates and achieve great results.

18. How would you create a strategic marketing plan?

An aspiring marketing manager should have basic knowledge of what it takes to plan a marketing action, and he should have a plan of action, a budget, a target audience, a location, a market analysis, and the marketing goals he hopes to attain afterward. 

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19. Can you name the topmost marketing campaign elements?

Familiarity with the marketing campaign elements proves competency and the candidate is well-learned in marketing.

20. What is your take on search engine optimization?

A candidate with fundamental Seo knowledge can help make your brand visible to a great extent, yielding top-notch brand awareness. 

21. If we have a product that is not selling effectively, how would you contribute to getting massive client turnouts and patronage? 

You should make sure to employ a candidate who is able to employ new marketing strategies to meet clients’ needs.

22. We have a lot of candidates applying for this job position; why do you think you are the most qualified to acquire this job?

This question enables you to know if the candidate being asked is capable of doing what it takes to achieve success for the brand throughout his or her years of working with your brand. 

23. How would you handle a marketing campaign failure? 

This question serves to help you understand how your marketing manager can handle failures and if he or she will have a backup plan ready just Incase of such disasters.


Asking the right interview questions enables you to choose the marketing manager to hire for your company/brand. 

Pick some interview questions from these 23 questions in order to find a marketing manager who will render top-notch services to your brand. Thank you for viewing this article.


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