Full List Of Fake Data Entry Companies

In recent times, more people search for flexible jobs that are convenient and easy which is understandable. However, some people take advantage of this desire to carry out fraudulent practices. 

While numerous sites advertise legitimate data entry jobs, there are even more advertising fake job postings which makes it harder to get a legitimate job. 

In this article, we will be displaying a full list of fake data entry companies and tips on how to identify them.

But first, we must consider carefully what a data entry job is about.

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Who Is A Data Entry Clerk? 

A data entry clerk is a professional that is responsible for transferring paper formats into computer files or database systems. 

He maintains the database by entering new and updated customer and account information, establishes entry priorities, and processes customer and account source documents by reviewing data for deficiencies. 

What Are Data Entry Job Scams? 

Data entry job scams are fake job postings for the position of a data entry clerk or professionally created by scammers. 

As more companies outsource data entry work, job seekers especially students and homemakers in search of remote jobs may encounter several data entry job postings.

Because most data entry jobs require minimum qualifications and little experience, it’s easy for fraudsters to disguise their scams as data entry job listings and if care is not taken, victims may consequently lose their money or personal information. 

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Types of Data Entry Scams

Data entry scammers use a variety of tactics to lure people into falling for their scams. Being able to recognize their strategies will prevent you from falling into their trap. Here are some types of data entry scams;

1. Offering Money

One strategy scammers use is by offering money to prospective employees to obtain their personal information and banking information. Another way they carry out their mischief is by sending fake checks that look legitimate. 

When the victim receives the check, he wi be asked to forward it to someone else for work-related expenses. Unfortunately, the check bounces and the victim loses his money. 

2. Requesting Money

Another tactic data entry job scammers use is to request money at some point during the hiring and onboarding process. 

They charge an application fee, a training fee, an administration fee, a test performance fee, etc.  

Well-founded companies do not as employees to pay fees or additional charges. These scammers often request money through bank transfers, wire transfers, direct deposits, and checks. 

3. Making Job Offers To Gain Personal And Financial Information

Data entry scammers aim to steal and commit identity theft or fraud. They create illegitimate job postings and make fake job offers. 

This way they lure job seekers and request personal and financial information including your social security number, bank details, and driver’s license number. 

Full List Of Fake Data Entry Companies

The following is a list of fake data entry companies. 

  1. My typing job 
  2. Core Enterprises
  3. Pearl Service
  4. CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Urban Technology
  6. Oxy Tech Company
  7. Pixel web system
  8. CSR
  9. DTD Solution
  10. Metrics InfoTech
  11. Techtom Technology
  12. Equinox
  13. Techedge United
  14. Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.
  15. Way2Consultancy Service
  16. MAX Enterprises
  17. Infra Data Technology
  18. Datadesk Outsourcing Services
  19. VJ Consultancy Service
  20. Indeed Pvt. Ltd
  21. Cryptolite Network
  22. Resume Filling Freelancer
  23. HS Enterprises
  24. Wisdom-wide technology 


Tips On Identifying And Avoiding Data Entry Job Scams

Though many data entry jobs seem authentic but are not, certain pointers can help you identify them. 

Here are some tips that will help you identify and avoid data entry job scams

1. Research The Company

The first tip to spot data entry job scams is to make research the company. Through your research, whether the website or other platforms, you can ascertain if the ob is legit or not.

If you cannot verify a phone number, address, active staff, or website URL, the company is most likely a fraud. 

2. Research The Position And Check The Job Description

Before accepting any data entry job offer, make sure you research the position and double-check the job description. The job description should be a detailed bulleted list of duties and responsibilities of the role.

However, if it’s brief and vague, there’s a sign that it could be fake. Well-founded ob postings feature the company’s name and contact information. Also, look out for grammatical and spelling errors throughout the job description. 

Here are some common keywords used in job postings by scammers;

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Little to no work
  • Quick money
  • Free work from home jobs

3. Consider The Communication Methods

While it’s common for recruiting managers to conduct interviews remotely, interviews done via email, online chat, or text are signs of fraud. Interviews conducted strictly over the phone are also a red flag. 

Having video calls or conferences helps you to put a name to the person you’re in communication with and also allows you to verify the information you found during your research about the company. 

4. Ask Questions

Asking questions helps to clarify your thoughts. Through questioning, you may learn as much about the role and company as you need to feel confident about accepting a job.

Be direct with your questions seeking to know your job responsibilities and their expectations of you. If their answers are vague, it’s probably a sign that it’s a scam. 

5. Avoid Paying For Job-Related Fees Or Training

Commonly, data entry scammers demand payments from job seekers at some point in the hiring and onboarding process. They wi say typically, that it’s necessary for work-related expenses or training. Do not send money to them through mobile apps, checks, or online, and refrain from sharing your banking or financial information. 

6. Ask For A Signed Contract

Because of the many fraudulent companies in existence, ensure to ask for a signed legal contract. Legitimate companies usually offer signed contracts without you needing to ask. 

On the other hand, if an employer is reluctant to provide and sign a contract, then it’s most likely a scam.


While there are many legitimate companies, there are also a ton of scammers. We have listed the fake data entry companies, their tactics, and ways to identify scams.

Do well to be cautious and trust your gut. 

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