Where To Cash A Payroll Check Without A Bank Account

Following an online survey and statistics report, six and a half percent of Americans do not have a bank account.

Many of these are looking for where to cash a payroll check without a bank account. If you are one of the 8.4 million households with no bank account, there are other ways to withdraw your paycheck.

Most of these options have a higher cost than the cost of certain banks, so it is worth considering the possibility of opening a bank account first.

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A Bank Account: Why Have One?

Owning a bank account makes it easier for you to withdraw your payment checks, and there is no hassle attached. It can be done online, and most of the time, it is quick and easy.

Low Costs

You can get a test account without checks. For example, Key Bank offers a “non-stressful account” with a minimum deposit of $ 10 and no monthly payments.

You can submit a check and be able to access your funds after the first 30 days as an account holder. You can cash a check immediately if you have the same balance in your account.

Key Bank can provide you with a widely accepted debit card account, equivalent to cash, which will be covered for a loss.

Check to confirm if there are any balance or other requirements and any charges associated with the test account.

However, many banks, such as Key Bank, offer accounts without monthly maintenance fees as long as the account is open for a specified period.

Direct deposit

A bank account will allow you to make a direct deposit with your employer or federal agencies such as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and Social Security.

Money can be spent with your bank card without having to worry about visiting a bank or checking company.

Easy Access To Money In The Account

Most banks now allow you to check online remotely and access those funds with a bank card. Another benefit of a bank account is access to services such as Venmo, which allow you to receive funds from other parties and transfer them to your bank account or affiliate bank card.

If you travel from Venmo to a bank card, you should be able to access the funds within an hour.

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How To Cash A Check

To make a cash check, you will usually need to provide one or two types of identification, including a legal ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or regional photo ID.

A government-issued photo ID is the best, which is the most widely accepted ID you can use.

Where To Cash A Payroll Check 

Looking for where to cash a Payroll check without a bank account? The following options should be considered when deciding whether a bank account is not important in view of your circumstances.

Employer’s Bank

You can cash a check from your employer’s bank to issue the check to you. If there is a local branch, stop and ask if they will provide that service.

You can confirm with your employer to know if they have made arrangements with the bank that issues its checks to provide you with this less expensive service and option.

According to a study by My BankTracker, Citibank does not charge a check for less than $ 5,000 deducted from their bank account, and Capital One will also issue a check drawn at its bank for free.

Most banks charge a fee, usually from $ 6 to $ 10, although some banks will charge higher rates based on the percentage of the check value.

A few banks will issue non-bank checks to non-customers, and payments will usually be higher for this service. The Bank of America, for example, charges $ 8 per check, up to a maximum of $ 22.50.

Most banks will pay only cash and government checks, no personal checks, to non-customers.

Cash-Out Kiosks

Cash-out kiosks are available in most convenience stores. Some offer 24/7 check exchange services, while others are open only when the store customer service center is open.

Payment options include cash or payment on gift cards at some supermarkets. The disadvantage of this option is the monetary structure which usually occurs at 1 – 5%. Some cash-out kiosks, for example, charge 99% of the check value in their kiosk.

See Financial Services In Retail Stores

Check out cash withdrawals for payment checks, government checks, tax checks, and cash orders available at most Walmart stores for a small fee ranging from $ 4 checks for $ 1,000 or less and $ 8 checks in excess of $ 1,000, and a higher check $ 5,000. Walmart will also issue a personal check for up to $ 200 for a fee of $ 6.

KMart will pay cash, government, and personal checks (up to $ 500) for $ 1 at most participating sites.

Some retailers, especially grocery stores and other liquor stores, often charge a fee. You may need a store membership card at grocery stores to qualify for cash checks. There is a charge associated with these services in most cases. 

Prepaid Bank Cards

Some financial institutions offer prepaid cards that you can obtain without opening a bank account. Sometimes, you can load checks and cash to your card at an ATM or with an app on your phone. Your card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash. 

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Money Stores

An expensive option to withdraw checks is money or cash checking store. Money stores usually charge a check percentage and lower fees.

Some may place a payment equal to the percentage of the check valve, and some may charge less than a percentage of the fee.

For example, cash, $ 2,000 check, $ 5 cash, and 1% add up to a $ 25 deduction from your payment amount.

Cash checking stores will usually provide pre-issued checks in bulk and charge a check for each person on the day of delivery.

These Payday loans are a very expensive option, and once recipients become accustomed to a prepaid payment schedule, there is a good chance they will continue to tap the service at a higher cost.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, a day-to-day loan can cost $ 15 to $ 30 to borrow $ 100, and interest can increase up to 400% during the year.

Ask Friends And Family

Some people who do not have bank accounts go to the most reliable contacts or family who have bank accounts. These ones can serve as reliable sources to help you cash your check.


We hope the information on where to cash a payroll check without a bank account comes in handy. Also, note that as customs and traditions of each state’s laws are not static as they change from time to time, the information found in this article in no way stands as a substitute for those laws.

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