Best Jobs For People With Anxiety And How To Apply

Best jobs for people with anxiety are primarily for people who get anxious when you think of going to work, and it’s apparent that you don’t have a position that suits your style. So we recommend that you start looking for alternatives.

And you’ve come to the right spot if you’re hunting for the best jobs for people with anxiety. But first, let’s get started.

In case you didn’t remember, fear is one of the world’s most debilitating disorders. Anxiety is difficult to deal with, and it will make it challenging to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

People who suffer from anxiety should still function in environments that do not cause them undue discomfort. It is still safer for them to be in a calm and peaceful place.

As a result, we will never advise you or someone else with an anxiety problem to serve as a lawyer or even with a corporation.

Nonetheless, we have some fantastic career suggestions for people with anxiety disorders. So, if you believe you won’t find work because of your fear, reconsider. Finally, we’ll discuss the most challenging occupations for people who suffer from anxiety.

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What to Think About Before Applying for Jobs for people with Anxiety

First and foremost, people with anxiety disorders perceive work to be stressful and quickly get overwhelmed. So, if you suffer from some anxiety disorder, there are a few things to keep in mind before starting a new career.

  • Be sure the role isn’t too demanding.
  • Ensure that the working atmosphere is calm and quiet since noise can induce anxiety.
  • Ascertain that the work environment is calm and free of interruptions and disruptions.
  • Make sure the role is adaptable.
  • Ascertain that the job has a low workload per hour.
  • Ensure that there are no strict work hours on the job.
  • Look for a career that allows you to be flexible with your timetable, workload, and deadlines.
  • Don’t dismiss career prospects just because they aren’t work-from-home opportunities.
  • You don’t need a college diploma to work in an anxiety-friendly setting.
  • Having a career for anxiety and depression would never be a problem if you pay heed to any of these.

After that, let’s look at some of the careers open to people who suffer from anxiety.

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Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

Everyday social experiences irritate, panic, self-consciousness, and humiliation in people with social anxiety disorder. When they live, they want to be alone. Stay-at-home workers are ideal for their circumstances.

The good news is that such positions will still be found on career search websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and others.

Here are a few entry-level positions that will be a good fit for those with social anxiety disorder.

1. Photographer

Photographers are artists with the camera, using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye to take pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, you name it.

Since you would be practising with your camera most of the time, this job is ideal if you suffer from social anxiety.

A photographer’s annual salary is approximately $51,605.

2. Editing and proofreading tasks

This work entails an English specialist examining and editing a written text for syntax, punctuation, pronunciation, and vocabulary mistakes and correcting them.

Proofreaders are used by people who want to ensure that their published work or papers are error-free.

It’s exciting to think that proofreading and editing work can be done from the convenience of one’s own home.

A proofreader’s annual salary averages $44,810.

3. Software development

This type of work entails defining, planning, implementing, and evaluating a software framework that has been developed for a business or the free market.

It can range from developing internal services to manufacturing systems that can be marketed on the open market.

Many software engineers work from home and do not interact with other people.

A software developer’s annual salary is about $108,080.

4. Jobs in software testing

Software testing necessitates minimal physical contact with people, especially when it comes to working.

A software tester is a person who checks software for glitches, flaws, faults, or some other issue that could impact the software’s or application’s success.

It is suitable for you if you have a social anxiety problem because you will be dealing with machines more.

A tech tester’s gross annual income is about $58,831.

5. Therapist who specialises in massage

Massage therapists handle clients by manipulating the body’s sensitive tissues using their hands.

These therapists use their hands to help clients alleviate pain, rehabilitate fractures, improve circulation, relieve depression, relax, and improve their overall health.

The calmness of the workplace environment makes it very comfortable for people who suffer from anxiety to function effectively.

A massage therapist’s gross annual salary is about $41,420.

6. A consultant

A psychiatrist is another term for a psychologist. While it isn’t the first job you can consider if you have social anxiety, it is still a viable choice.

You should still empathise with them and provide advice about how to deal with their problems. If you’re getting therapy for anxiety right now, you’re in a great place to support others.

A counsellor’s estimated annual income is about $76,990.

7. Assistant at a bookstore

Do you like reading but are unable to serve as a Liberian due to a lack of qualifications? IWorkingas a librarian’s assistant or in a bookstore will be a fantastic decision. if that’s the case

A book store assistant’s annual salary averages $19,866.

8. Modeling for the fashion industry

A model is a person who works to support, showcase, or advertise promotional items (most commonly fashion clothes in fashion shows) and act as a visual aid for artists or to pose for photographs.

Being a fashion model is a low-stress job that is ideal for those suffering from anxiety.

A fashion model’s gross annual income is $41,470.

9. Pet-sitting

If you like working with animals, there are a variety of opportunities available.

Depending on the number of animals in your possession, this work usually is stress-free.

Pet trainers, pet groomers, kennel staff, and dog walkers are only a few examples.

A pet sitter’s gross annual income is $39,817.

10. Babysitting jobs

One of the safest work for people with agoraphobia is babysitting. Although certain people can believe this is a wrong work or career choice, we will show you why it isn’t.

It would be much easier to care for children if you have everything prepared and organised ahead of time. So you should build your routine and work around it.

Plus, you’ll have more flexibility and time to familiarise yourself with your responsibilities, which you won’t notice in most other professions.

A babysitter’s gross annual income is $30,001.

11. A library Attendant

A librarian is responsible for gathering, storing, and disseminating library materials such as books, videos, and audio recordings. They serve in public libraries, colleges, and museums, among other places.

They are responsible for issuing resources, cataloguing books, and doing routine audits. This could be the work for you if you are a bookworm who wants to help others develop their literacy. It is well-known as a career with a pleasant working atmosphere.

A librarian’s gross annual salary is $58,520.

12. Blogging and freelance writing

Try freelancing if you are a wordsmith who enjoys reading and writing. You can work from home, set your hours, build your job schedule, and set your prices.

These jobs give you experience dealing with clients and meeting deadlines, but they are still imaginative jobs in and of themselves.

A writer’s gross annual salary is $61,820.

13. Accountant and bookkeeper

Bookkeeping and accounting positions have very versatile job descriptions, provided you have the right skills.

Although these positions can have conflicting roles, they provide you with some relief from anxiety causes.

However, be aware that certain accountant and bookkeeping work can be challenging, so look for a career with a smaller firm or one that doesn’t force you to manage so many accounts independently.

A bookkeeper’s annual salary ranges from $37,903 to $48,445 on average.

14. IT expert or computer scientist

Another outstanding work for people with anxiety disorders is IT specialist and computer programming, which can also be performed from home.

Although you do not need a degree or diploma to get this position, you may need prior training, practice, and examples of previous work.

In certain circumstances, you will be required to take coding language competency tests to demonstrate your abilities during the career selection process.

An IT Specialist’s gross annual income is $51,838.

15. Jobs in the arts

This work necessitates artistic abilities.

It’s a job that you can do at home or in an art gallery, and it’s ideal for someone who suffers from anxiety.

An artist’s gross annual income is $54,880.

16. Landscape design

Cleaning and planning a worksite, loading and shipping supplies, and using various instruments and devices such as blowtorches, forklifts, stages, ramps, power drills, grinders, saws, pressure washers, and water spraying machinery are all examples of landscaping responsibilities.

If you like working outdoors, landscaping might be the job for you. You will most likely be working for a team of landscapers, making the process less difficult for you and allowing you to choose your hours.

A landscaper’s gross annual income is $34,579.

17. Chauffeur de taxi (Taxi driver)

Working as a fore-hire driver allows you to set your hours and gain experience engaging with customers for brief periods.

You will work as a cab driver for Uber, Lyft, or some other transportation company.

Uber drivers make an average of $29,520 a year.

18. Jobs in stocking

Try stocking jobs if you don’t like lifting any heavier things and using lift tools. For restocking, most retail stores need third-shift staff.

A stocker is in charge of stocking goods in a store. They collect and sell products in the shop, showing them according to the procedure, and periodically taking stock inventories.

In addition, they are in charge of providing customer support.

A stocker’s annual salary averages $27,459.

A chef or a baker

For social anxiety sufferers, a chef may have a haven. Although you can communicate with other employees and clients, your job is autonomous and takes a great deal of concentration.

Many individuals who suffer from social anxiety thrive in roles that revolve around making others happy.

A chef’s gross annual salary is about $46,600.

19.Sommelier (wine expert)

A sommelier, also known as a wine steward, is a qualified and experienced wine expert who works in fine restaurants. They’re typically experts in all facets of wine service, including wine and food mixing.

This is a job that almost everyone can handle, even though they have anxiety. But, of course, prior experience is needed to get this job.

A wine sommelier’s estimated annual wage is about $49,792.

20. Translator

This entails typically paper records, but it can also include audio documents. When you are bilingual or also multilingual, translating from one language to another is a simple task.

Since freelance translators are typically given documents and audio files to translate, this type of work involves little to no human contact.

A freelance translator’s annual salary is about $59,715 on average.

21. Work in graphic design

If you’re looking for a career that allows you to express yourself creatively, look at graphic design work.

However, if you want to be very good at this job, you’ll probably need to practice a lot.

A graphic designer’s annual salary averages $45,703

22. Jobs in transcription

A transcriptionist is a typewriter that listens to stored or live audio files and translates what they hear into written words.

They provide transcription services to the medical, legal, and general industries. And anyone with social anxiety will easily have this kind of support.

Annual salary averages about $23,602

23. Cosmetologist.

While cutting hair, nail care, and perfecting makeup may appear difficult for someone with social anxiety, working as a cosmetologist may be a good option because it allows for multiple limited interactions with people.

Annual salary averages about $20,000

24. Editor of video.

Every year, video marketing grows in popularity. Video editors are unique in the filmmaking process because they are the only ones who can work from home and without much social interaction.

You’ll still have to work with clients, but you’ll have a lot of control over how you do it. To get started, you’ll need some experience with video editing software as well as some creativity.

The annual salary is about $59,715 on average.

25. Clerk for data entry

A data entry clerk enters or updates company data by hand. Almost every large business requires this type of work, so workers with basic computer skills and a fast typing speed are in high demand.

It can be boring, but it is not stressful.

A Clerk’s annual salary averages $25,703.

Worst Jobs for People with Anxiety

Stressful jobs are generally the worst for people who suffer from anxiety. These are very demanding jobs that will often require you to be stressed all of the time.

Some examples of such jobs are:

  • A cashier
  • Teacher
  • Politician
  • Performer
  • Security Guard
  • Managerial duties
  • Lawyer
  • Professional Athletes

If you want to keep your sanity and stay safe, you should avoid these jobs.

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If you thought there were no jobs for people who suffer from anxiety, this article should have put your mind at ease. However, numerous jobs can be a good fit for someone who suffers from anxiety, particularly social anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may want to look for work-from-home opportunities to avoid the hectic office environment. However, don’t dismiss some jobs simply because they aren’t work-from-home. Some jobs can be flexible or allow for the creation of private spheres within the workplace.

If you are still stressed and anxious after reading this article, take a moment to relax and remember: There are many options available, and this article can help you find one that is perfect for you. And, if you need help relaxing before the interview, here are a few techniques for dealing with interview anxiety.

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