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Executive Assistant/Associate at Dan Martell | SaaS Academy Team

Location: International, anywhere in the world;

100% remote

Are you someone who likes to make plans, create lists, coordinate people, and make sure things are done quickly and the right way? Are you a problem solver? Do you have the heart of a servant? Can you keep a secret? If so, keep reading! Chapter

The SaaS Academy team is looking for a very good person who can join our superhero family and help our clients expand their software business to a new level in any way possible.

We will say honestly from the beginning: this is a continuous job; We are always looking to add assistants to our multiple department teams. This can be an entry-level CS, an experienced manager on our operations team, or somewhere in between.

(The important thing is that you meet the following conditions)

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Article Road Map


The type of person who organizes your life (your pencils are ordered by size and color).

A person who puts people and customers first.

Desire to do all kinds of work, and crush it.

Proficient in technology, determined to learn new things quickly.

can move quickly with minimal or no errors.

Proud to work in an assistant/assistant position for 1 year or more.

Driven by the quality of the work and the personal satisfaction of doing the job well.

Strong adaptability and self-motivated.

They were able to catch the smallest grammatical error.

Our team works together to help others realize their dreams. Now we need you, yes you, to help us reach new heights and continue to provide incredible support to entrepreneurs.

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Responsibilities Of Executive Assistant/Associate at Dan Martell

The daily responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to:

Managing and managing email inboxes and calendars (GSuite).

Schedule meetings, podcasts, and interviews.

Handle legal paperwork, including filing agreements and team/contractor confidentiality agreements.

Set up electronic signature documents for Dan Martell (HelloSign).

Initiate and complete orders and purchases.

Complete various research projects.

Research, book, and coordinate travel/lodging.

Successfully collaborated with clients for client follow-up.

Webinar support.

Manage voice tasks (using Voxer)

Assist in tutorial video calls, contact questions, etc.

Create surveys/questionnaires (Typeform).

Edit and copy content with an efficient eye for detail.

Other mandatory duties.

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What You Need:

Our ideal candidate has the following superior qualities and qualifications:

Must be process-oriented.

Must be human. Someone who knows how to make others feel special. Redouble our efforts for customers. It’s about the little things.

should be familiar with the use of various software technologies. The software we use includes Front, GSuite, Bamboo, Typeform, Voxer, HelloSign, Asana, Zoom, Hubspot, etc.

Must be smart and resourceful. People who can overcome challenges by thinking outside the box.

Must be open to adopting an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Must have experience working in a fast-paced environment.

Must have strong grammar and spelling skills, with great attention to detail.

The experience of freelancers is seen as an asset-the attitude, motivation, and time management skills to work anytime, anywhere. Yes, there is no office.

Generally speaking, a person who has the motivation and determination to do big things.

Do you like what you see?

If you are thinking, “It’s all me!” Then be sure to apply below. Even if you are thinking, “This is definitely me!” Apply below anyway-we like diverse non-traditional backgrounds.

To ensure that you have read the entire ad, please enter the word “Mountain” somewhere in the app. Chapter

We can’t wait to see you!



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