Is An Associates Degree in Accounting Worth It In 2022?

To determine the answer to the question, we will first explore the salaries, growth of the industry, and job prospect.

These factors will tell if an Is An Associates Degree in Accounting Worth is right for you. 

We will also explain why enrolling in an associate degree in accounting online may be the best and right choice for you. 

As we already know, every agency, non-profit organization, company, and government office needs an accountant. People that earn an associate’s degree receive an average salary of $56,590 per year. 

Also, studying for your associate’s degree in accounting online gives you the privilege of completing your degree from the comfort of your own home. 

Asides from earning a bachelor’s degree, you can increase your potential by earning an associate degree is worthwhile for many students.

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What Are Associates Degree in Accounting Worth?

There are some reasons why earning an associate degree in accounting can be beneficial and of these benefits is that your chances of getting employed in any firm become higher as you have a vast and better knowledge of accounting. 

Another benefit is that you can earn a higher salary or income. This degree can mean more than a hundred dollars a week compared to those working with just a high school diploma.

Also, it takes just two years to complete, which is another benefit as you do not have to spend many years studying it. You can also say that this saves you extra time and more money. 

Another benefit is that while on this course, you can take up other jobs as well because the schools that offer these courses tend to be flexible with their schedules.

Finally, studying for your associate’s degree in accounting counts as credit for your bachelor’s degree. This is to say that if you decide to go for a bachelor’s degree, you are lucky to shave off a year or two from your study. 

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Is it Worth It?

The answer to this question is yes. For many students, an associate degree in accounting is worth it as the position of an associate accountant is expected to be filled. 

With an associate degree, you will also earn higher than the salaries of employees with only a high school education.

If you get promoted at a company, you will know that it can be worth it to get your associate’s degree in accounting.

Associate’s Degree in Accounting Jobs

Some degrees in accounting positions can provide you with the means and opportunity to work for companies you might not otherwise be qualified for. Some of the accounting jobs are listed below;

  1. Accounting Assistant 

The responsibilities of an accounting officer may include office duties such as answering the phones and interacting directly with the client. This is basically the common duty of an accounting officer. 

Other common duties may be payroll, bookkeeping, invoice collection, and other similar accounting duties.

  1. Accounts Receivable Clerk 

The job or duty of the Accounts Receivable Clerk is to track companies’ income, especially on payments received from sales.

Also, they are responsible for preparing and sending invoices to their organizations’ clients.

  1. Accounting or Audit Clerk 

The job of these people in a firm or organization is to manage financial records. They review the accuracy of cash flows, assets and liabilities, transactions and bank statements, and other financial findings. 

  1. Payroll Accountants 

They are responsible for paying employees’ wages. So if you are wondering who are the set of people that handles the payment of the salaries, payroll accountants are accountable for this.  

How To Advance In The Accounting Profession

If you want to advance in the world of the accounting profession, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting may be your next logical step after earning your associate’s degree in accounting. 

Many companies and organizations, including government agencies, have job vacancies open for accountants. As a result, the demand for accounting degree programs is expected to grow at least by 4%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

If you have successfully bagged a bachelor’s degree and an associate degree in accounting, you are likely to move into lucrative, more growth-oriented careers.

As stated above, with an associate degree, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in about half the time it would take you to enroll in a 4-year degree right from the start.

And because some schools have flexible schedules, you can work around your schedule and improve in some important areas of accounting. 

Recommended certification for accountants

You must have passed the CPA state exam to pose as a certified public accountant or CPA. To qualify for the certified public accountant exam, all candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. These are the requirements given by all state boards of accountants. 

You should know that all state boards act independently, so you must not assume they have the same requirements. This is to say that if you practice and pass a state exam, you must be approved by that particular state. 

 If you successfully pass the CPA degree exam, your chances of getting employed become very high, and you may be able to open your own practice or consult with business clients.

You should also know that companies and firms are looking out for certified public accountants to create financial plans, review their financial records, and even manage their finance department, which is why you need to improve from the level you are to a higher one. 

Financial Help For Associates In Accounting Online

Candidates that wish to enroll in the Associate’s Degree in Accounting program are eligible for federal financial aid.

All you need to do is visit the  FAFSA official website and complete the free application for federal student aid. After that, you will find out if you are eligible or entitled to a loan, scholarship, or grant.

You stand a chance of enrolling for college scholarships from your school and searching for funding opportunities either from private businesses or organizations that want to sponsor students.

Can I Be An Accountant With An Associate Degree?

With an associate degree, you can work in the accounting field, but most accountants have acquired at least a bachelor’s degree. You can work as a bookkeeper, auditor, accounting assistant, or any similar position. 

But then, if you want to be a full-time accountant, you must earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting. This will come after you must have completed your associate’s degree.

How Much Does an Associate’s Accountant Make?

The salary of an associate accountant differs, and it depends on the company of the firm. Still, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an associate accountant can earn $56,590 per year. The salary will also depend on the employee’s position and your years of experience. 

However, the salary of an associate accountant will be much higher than employees with only a high school diploma.

What Can An Associate Degree In Accounting Get You?

An associate degree in accounting can help you get employment in some companies and firms. So if you are wondering if your college degree can fetch you anything, the answer is yes. As stated above, you are also entitled to earn higher than a high school diploma.


There you have it. There is no need to wonder if an accounting degree is worth it as, above all, it can help you get even closer to completing a bachelor’s degree, which could lead to a CPA degree and higher income.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below, which will be attended to. 

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