Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It In 2022?

Oftentimes, I have heard folks ask this question “Are coding bootcamps worth it in 2022?”

While I wouldn’t know your reason for wanting to find out, this article will answer this question in the best possible way.

Keep reading to find out.

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Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It In 2022? – How To Decide

Over the years, we’ve experienced the emergence of thousand coding bootcamps churning out formats, teaching styles and curriculums, and so one can easily get confused on which to go for.

Personally, I think the aforementioned question was birthed as a result of several coding bootcamps we have now thereby leaving people wondering if they are truly worth it. 

To decide if coding bootcamps are worth it, there are certain criteria you must put into consideration as there is no one fit answer to this question.

It all depends on who is asking!

Generally, the factors listed below will guide you on how to decide if 

A coding bootcamp is worth it.

1. Duration

Time must be put into consideration when deciding if a coding bootcamp is worth it because learning a new skill requires a great deal of time investment among others.

You may want to ask yourself if you will be able to make the time commitment, if it fits into your schedule, if you would rather juggle learning to code while working full-time, or if you prefer spending a shorter period of time in an intensive program tailor-made completely for coding.

2. Cost

Another factor that you can use to answer the question are coding bootcamps worth it is the cost benefit of a coding bootcamp. 

Some of the questions you may want to answer before you enroll in one include how quickly will the bootcamp pay off?, what kind of developer salary will you be earning in your new field?, and how much does the bootcamp itself cost?

3. Teaching style

Among other factors, I consider this to play a major role in determining your answer to this question – are coding bootcamps worth it?

Thankfully, most bootcamps prep their candidates ahead of time by offering them some free coding classes as this will in the long run help to narrow down their selection, and also prepare them mentally about your bootcamp’s teaching style. 

This is the part where you ask yourself if the teaching style works for you because different people have their preferred teaching style ranging from  in-person, remote, or even hybrid. 

If you don’t know the teaching style beforehand, it’s important to ask them the one they use. If you are a visual learner, it means that videos will help assimilate information faster, or would you rather have a face-time with a tutor or mentor to ask for questions and advice?

Having said that, knowing all of these will increase your chances of being successful at your chosen coding bootcamp.

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4. Placement Rate

One of the major reasons why people attend a bootcamp is so as to get a job in the field, and if this is your aim, please ensure that the bootcamp you choose is equipped to do that so that you don’t regret it.

That being said, find out the percentage of graduates who get a job in the field after the bootcamp, if the rate of drop-out is high or low, the average time it takes a graduate to get a job? And if they offer any kind of hiring support  to help you navigate developer interviews, if yes, which?

5. Average Salary Increase

Recall that I earlier said that attending a bootcamp is majorly an investment, so you must find out the average salary for new graduates in their first job after the coding bootcamp, and how high or low is this above the average salary for that location, and also find out if the salary is higher or lower than the market value for the field.

6. Alumni Ratings

Are coding bootcamps worth it? To answer this question, take a look at the Alumni of the coding bootcamp. 

You can find them through Linkedin, at least to get an unbiased opinion, and interestingly, some bootcamps connect you with some alumni, so you can see how far they’ve gone. 

Having seen some of the alumni, reach out to them and ask that they share their experience with you while asking them pertinent questions like how  they find the job search, and if they would recommend the program.

How To Make A Coding Bootcamp Worth It

I earlier stated that the type of education offered at boot camps could be likened to a marathon race -quite intensive and fast-paced. 

You must have this in mind when enrolling into one as this will help you get prepared to study hard and absorb a lot of information within a short period of time.

I advise that even before enrolling in a bootcamp, develop coping mechanisms for dealing with technical problems, especially ones that you have little or no idea on how to solve as you will encounter some of these challenges.

Generally, you just have to be ready to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Another way you can make your coding bootcamp worth it is by being able to seek help, and resources from your fellow learners and mentors, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Networking, and connecting with people, especially your tutors is yet another key way to make a coding bootcamp worth it. 

Endeavor to exhaust every question when the opportunity presents itself to ask tutors/mentors questions. This is the only way you can get as many insights as possible, especially as regards working professionally as a coder.

Lastly, absorb yourself into the experience and grasp all that you can to make the learning experience valuable and worthwhile.

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How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost?

Certain conditions influence the cost of coding bootcamps such as if it is self-paced, or a live bootcamp but generally, you should budget roughly $15,000 to $18,000.

The price for self-paced options without live instruction are much cheaper when compared to other ones.

Interestingly, there are bootcamps that offer deferred payment, where you don’t have to pay anything until you graduate, and once you get a job that pays a certain amount of money (usually $50,000 to $60,000 annually), you can start paying them back.

Bootcamps like Lambda School and Hack Reactor offer such while ones like Udacity offer a highly-rated Nanodegree program for $399 monthly (or less if you pay for a couple of months of access upfront).

Worthy of mention is the fact that most top coding bootcamps offer payment plans, so you don’t have to pay the full cost upfront.

Benefits of Joining A Coding Bootcamp

Below are generally some of the advantages of joining a coding Bootcamp:

1. Bootcamps offer well-structured, proven curriculum that gets attendees fully prepared for jobs as they already have adequate set of software development skills

2. You will have the rare opportunity to ask questions and interact live with instructors and other colleagues

3. You will get code reviews and feedback from peers and instructors

4. You will be opportuned to complete real-world projects and build a portfolio that you can present to employers once you graduate.

5. Some of them offer job placement services.


Can You Fail a Coding Bootcamp?

Undoubtedly, you can flunk a coding bootcamp. 
In a short amount of time, you’ll learn a lot of stuff, including one or more programming languages. 
You run the danger of failing the class and not being able to graduate if you are unable to finish the assignments and learn the content at the rate that the subject is taught.

Difference Between Programming Bootcamp And Computer Science Degree

Students majoring in computer science learn much more than just programming and will have a greater understanding of the subject.
For instance, they’ll be able to learn new programming languages more quickly.
Additionally, companies won’t perceive you nearly the same way as someone with a computer science degree (including top employers like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.)

Are Coding Bootcamps Accredited?

A majority of coding bootcamps lack accreditation. Instead, they instruct you in the use of job-specific skills to assist you land a position in the technology sector. 
Fortunately, obtaining a degree or credential from an approved college is becoming less and less of a requirement for technology organizations. 
When hiring, a lot of organizations pay attention to practical software development skills.
A software development bootcamp will teach you how to code, which is something hiring managers frequently look for in projects.


Are coding bootcamps worth it? I believe you can comfortably answer this question now.

I have taken you through factors to consider as they will help to inform your decision, how to make a coding bootcamp worth it, as well as the benefits of a coding bootcamp.

In case you have further questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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