Sample Recommendation Email For A Summer Internship

Almost all university students need to go for an internship before they continue in their career path.

Most times the company requires the student submits a recommendation letter for the internship.

This article acts as a guide to writing recommendation emails for the summer internship and provides all other related information.

The recommendation email for a summer internship is a character reference letter that is usually written by a teacher, professor, or former employer that is submitted to a company.

Universities and colleges require students to go for internships to earn a degree and graduate successfully.

Internships can add to a student’s resume or CV for future job applications and interviews.

Internships are normally easy to get because sometimes it’s a job without payment.

But for high position internships, having a letter of recommendation as a student helps in securing an internship spot.

If you were requested to write a recommendation letter or in this case email, you should take your time because the student’s internship might just depend on it.

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Requesting A Recommendation Email For Summer Internship 

If as a student, you are requesting a recommendation email for a summer internship from your teacher or professor, use these tips:

  • Choose a good recommender

Choose a teacher or professor that you have a relationship with and one that has a positive view of your character and work goals.

  • Politely make your request

Remember, writing a recommendation email can be a bit tasking so ask early and politely.

Give the recommender a couple of weeks to write out the recommendation.

  • Provide all information

Make the process easier for the recommender, by providing all necessary information.

Information about yourself, your personality, character, achievements, and awards should be provided.

Information about the company you are applying to for a summer internship and the requirements should be provided.

You should also remind the recommender of how they know you, classes of theirs that you have attended, and other related information.

  • Show appreciation 

Deeply appreciate the recommender for taking out time to write a recommendation email for you.

Writing A Recommendation Email For A Summer Internship

So you are a teacher or professor that has been asked to write a recommendation email for a student summer internship.

If you don’t feel like you can recommend this student, then politely decline the request.

Once you accept the request, the recommendation email has to be positive and you have to endorse the student.

You’ll want to write positively about the student’s attributes and qualities and what makes the student a perfect candidate for the summer internship position.

You can ask the student for more information on the summer internship position and a copy of the student’s resume.

This recommendation letter is being sent to an email address so you should ask the student for the email address and format for submission.

Here’s a list of what to include in the recommendation email for the summer internship:

  • Introduction

The first paragraph of the recommendation email for the summer internship should explain your relationship with the student you are recommending, including how you met the student, and for how long.

You should also include details about you and your profession.

  • Body 

In the second paragraph of the recommendation email for the summer internship, a list of the characteristics, abilities, and attributes of the student and why they are a perfect candidate for the company.

Also, include what the student would be able to contribute to the company during the summer internship period.

Include examples of situations that show the student’s expertise and qualifications and how the student handles issues.

In the third paragraph, you can restate that you highly recommend the student. 

Show that you positively endorse the student for the summer internship 

  • Conclusion 

While concluding the recommendation email for the summer internship, offer to provide more information and include your email address and phone number. 

You could also include a phone number and email address in the signature of an email recommendation.

  • Letter Closing

End the letter with a formal letter closing and your name and job title. 

Recommendation Email For A Summer Internship Samples 

When you have samples of recommendation emails for a summer internship, it helps give you an idea of what to write.

Sample 1

Dear Herbert,

I enthusiastically offer this letter in support of Joe Donatus’s application for the summer internship at the Sheila Solicitors Law Firm. Joe was my student in the undergraduate prelaw seminar at the University of Port Harcourt. I found him to be a creative and dedicated student who was a  natural at both legal researching and writing, and unsurprisingly, he earned the highest grades in the course.

I understand that summer interns are responsible for researching novel topics with limited supervision or support. In my course, students were regularly tasked with tackling new legal topics, relying on legal databases, and collaborating with classmates to get standing content. Joe exhibited expert-level skills and is very efficient in group work which is rare to find in undergraduate. 

While I have taught hundreds of students in my over twenty years of teaching at UniPort; many of whom have headed to law school; there are only a few like Joe. I do not doubt that he will be a successful candidate for your summer program and I offer my unqualified recommendation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any other information that I can provide.


Jennifer Lewiz, HOD

Sample 2

Letter of Recommendation for Rhoda Dera

March 22nd, 2022

To whom it may concern

I am Saraphina Rotimi, a professor of English Language at the University of South Carolina. I have been teaching Rhoda Dera for the past three years and would like to recommend her for a content writing summer internship at Angel’s Tech. She has been my student in the English literature class since 2019.

Rhoda has always been a creative student and exceeded my expectations during our classes. Her comprehension, diction, and ability to express herself articulately compared to other students are commendable. Rhoda also can incorporate information from various sources and perspectives into her writing. She has consistently gotten top grades in all her courses and has participated in several extra-curricular activities including writing for the school’s newspaper.

I can attest to her exceptional language skills and writing abilities and would like strongly recommend her application. I sincerely believe that she will prove to be a valuable addition to your team.

If you require further information or details, please reach out to me at 555-3245-123 or send an email.


Saraphina Rotimi

Professor of English

University of South Carolina 

Sample 3

March 9, 2022

Eva Liam

Director, Human Resources

Pana PR Firm

24 NTA,

Choba City, PH 54321

Dear Ms. Liam,

I understand that Joyce Choice is applying for an internship with Pana PR Firm, working with the media relations department. I was Joyce’s student advisor during her junior year at NTA and worked with her throughout the school year. 

As you may know, NTA is popular for its media department and has a track record for educating students in the many aspects of public and media relations. Many of our students go on to successful careers in journalism, work for major corporations, or secure jobs with the top PR firms in the country. 

Joyce completed her media relations coursework with the highest grade point average and the feedback from her professors was consistently positive. Joyce’s professors noted that she was smart, hardworking, eager to learn, responsible, and had a natural knack for traditional and digital media.  I am confident that Joyce would be an asset to your organization and excel in your summer internship program. 

Please call my land phone, cell phone, or email me if you have any questions.


Marian Coleman

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