OPEC Fund For International Development.

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OPEC Fund At A Glance

At a Glance, The OPEC Fund for International Development (the OPEC Fund) is a multilateral development finance institution established in 1976.

Our 12 Member Countries are Algeria, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

The  OPEC Fund for International Development (the OPEC Fund) is the only globally mandated development institution that provides financing from member countries to non-member countries exclusively and outrightly.

The organization works in cooperation with developing country partners and international development communities to stimulate economic growth and social progress in low and middle-income countries around the world. 

Our work is people-centered, focusing on financing projects that meet essential needs, such as food, energy, infrastructure, employment (particularly relating to MSMEs), clean water and sanitation, healthcare, and education. 

To date, the OPEC Fund has committed more than US$22 billion to development projects in over 125 countries. Our vision is a world where sustainable development is a reality for all.


OPEC Services

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Multisector
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Industry
  • Water and sanitation
  • Public sector lendings
  • Grants
  • Special initiatives
  • Private sector and trade finance

OPEC Career Opportunities

  • Young Professional Development Program.
  • Internship.
  • Vacancies.


The OPEC Fund works proactively with the international donor community and provides agile solutions to the urgent needs of developing countries, helping to overcome some of the worlds’ most complex development challenges.

At OPEC we are focused on becoming more innovative to drive development, strengthen communities and empower people wherever the need is greatest.

To help us maximize our development impact, we would like to engage smart individuals who thrive in an environment that values integrity, empowerment, innovation, community, and excellence.

Nationals of OPEC Fund member countries are especially encouraged to apply to the positions listed below. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via mail.

  • Senior Credit Risk Officer.
  • Business Applications Specialist.
  • Syndication Officer.
  • Investment Analyst.


The Internship Program runs  between three and six months and is designed to: 

The OPEC Fund offers an Internship Program that enables students from diverse academic backgrounds to experience work with an international organization.  

  • Provide a framework to support students assigned to any OPEC Fund department so that the focus remains on enriching the student’s experience.
  • Provide an immersive experience so that students gain practical experience of working for an international organization. and
  • Provide the opportunity for students to understand the OPEC Fund’s vision, mission, and related values.

Interns would be assigned to different departments/units depending on their interests and qualifications, and according to departmental needs. The Internship Program offers opportunities to focus on one or more of the following; 

  • Public sector operations. 
  • Private sector and trade finance operations. 
  • Grants and Financial operations.
  • Risk management. 
  • Strategic planning and Economic services. 
  • Internal audit.
  • Human resources.
  • Administration. 
  • Comunication.
  • Legal services and 
  • Information technology.

Work Assignments Undertaken By Interns May Include:

  • Conducting research.
  • Writing documents.
  • Organizing information and
  • Assisting employees with their day-to-day work.

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be between 19 to 25 years of age and enrolled in an undergraduate program- completed at least two years- or a graduate program.

Alternatively, applicants may be recent graduates, having graduated a maximum of one year before the application deadline.

Applicants Must Be:

  • Proficient in English, with knowledge of an additional language (e.g. French, Spanish, Arabic).
  • Be Computer literate in standard software applications (Microsoft Office).
  • Keenly interested in the work of the OPEC Fund.
  • Able to demonstrate cultural awareness and
  • Able to demonstrate the OPEC Funds’ core values (Integrity, Empowerment, Excellence, Innovation, Community).

In order To apply, Candidates must submit:

  • The online application form.
  • A Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • A copy of their university diploma or equivalent, or an original letter of confirmation from a university/school certifying the applicant is/was an undergraduate student.
  • A copy of their most recent university transcripts, showing the cumulative GPA or equivalent and
  • A short statement in English (about 150-250 words) outlining their motivation for applying.

Successful candidates must present a valid health or medical insurance policy for Austria or a similar certificate proving he/she will be fully covered from a medical perspective for the duration of the program. 

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