NASCAR Pit Crew Salary

Are you interested in joining the NASCAR team? Every NASCAR team has many pit crew members and mechanics who all play a role in the racing team’s success.

A typical NASCAR pit crew member can earn more or less depending on job intensity or rank. However, this number depends on their role in the pit crew and which race team they work for.

NASCAR pit crew members earn a nice salary and some additional benefits.

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Known for its fondness for race cars, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), LLC is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company best known for stock car racing.

Bill France Sr. founded the private company in 1948, and his son Jim France has been CEO since August 2018.

Starting in 2017, NASCAR improved the on-track product by introducing stage races that provide more on-set moments during the race, increasing the sense of urgency and emphasizing aggressive racing and strategy.

The on-track battle also involves Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota – who have reached a level of parity that all but guarantees that the fight for the manufacturers’ championship will go down to the very end of the season.

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Pit Crew Job Description

Each pit crew has a different but essential role to play. One wrong move can destroy the entire performance. The components need to work in harmony to succeed.

The outside world only notices the pit crew when they make a mistake. What they do is critical to allowing drivers to go as fast as possible. This job description entails:

  • Tire changers: Their job is to change tires.
  • Tire Carriers: These people carry spare tires.
  • The Jackman: These are the strongest members of the team; they put the car on a jack to change the tires.
  • The Gasman: This role is exactly what you think. The gasman refills the car with gasoline.
  • Catch can man: This position is to catch excess gas and ensure it ends up in the tank.
  • Tearing off windows: When the weather is bad, a plastic cover can be put on the windshield of the car. This position is responsible for this coverage.
  • The Tire Catchers: They are tasked with catching the tires taken off the car before new ones are fitted.
  • Spotter: A spotter sits high above the track, watching the race and relaying any potential surprises to the rider.
  • The Chief: Known as the crew chief, he is like the head coach of the pit crew. They instruct drivers and direct traffic between pit crew members.
  • Technologist: The position of a technologist is dedicated to measuring the aerodynamic properties of the car to ensure it can perform optimally.
  • Meteorologist: The team meteorologist monitors the weather and determines how it may affect the race conditions on any given day.

NASCAR Pit Crew Salary

NASCAR pit crew members earn a salary of up to $50,000 per year. They also receive bonuses for each race they win, a season, and the year they win.

To understand how much money pit crew members make at NASCAR racing events, let’s first examine what kind of perks are offered by teams and sponsors. These include:

  • Food and lodging during races if your team is sponsored by an airline.
  • Relocation expenses are paid by sponsors if needed, such as moving from city to city or country to country.


Earnings for pit crew members vary widely, depending on the team and their position. Pit crew members earn a salary of $60,000 to $80,000 per year. They also receive bonuses based on wins and top-five finishes.

Pit crews are often part of winning teams that win races; this means they can earn more money than average if their team wins more than two races per season or places in the top five at any point during those races, the higher up you place on your pit crew’s list of positions.


NASCAR pit crews are paid well. They receive health, dental, vision, and 401k plans. Pit crew members also earn profit-sharing bonuses and a free uniform allowance.

As an employee at NASCAR, you will receive:

NBA, NHL & MLB Pit Crew Salary Compared to NFL Pit Crew Salary

According to Forbes, the average NFL pit crew member makes $11.6 million a year. That’s more than triple the national average salary for all occupations and significantly higher than baseball, basketball, and hockey players’ wages.

It’s also more than what NBA, NHL, and MLB teams pay their players on the court or field, but not by much. In fact, it is still below those sports’ median annual salaries ($22 million).

The numbers are similar when it comes to benefits: NFL teams offer their employees healthcare coverage, with coverage options like dental care, retirement plans, and 401(k) matching programs.

Many NBA teams provide similar perks, including 401(k) matching programs and gym memberships or workout centers at home.

Some MLB teams are starting up their own health insurance programs for themselves, so they don’t have to rely on another company that may be providing inferior care.


NASCAR pit crew members earn a nice salary and some additional benefits. NASCAR pit crew members earn a nice salary and some additional benefits.

They work hard, but they also have a lot of fun. Pit crew members get paid to travel and see the country, which can be an opportunity for growth in your career.

They are part of a team and work together to achieve their goals, whether qualifying for the race or winning it.


NASCAR pit crew members are in high demand, so it’s no surprise that the salary for NASCAR crew members is relatively high.

As you can see from the above chart, there are some significant differences between NFL and NASCAR pit crew salaries.

If you are interested in joining the NASCAR team, you can visit their website and check out the procedures and requirements.

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