Life Bank Recruitment 2024.

Life Bank, founded by Temie Giwa-Tubosun, is majorly concerned with the business of saving lives. 

It is recorded that eight out of ten women who bleed to death while giving birth can be saved if blood is readily available.

Blood shortages are common in Nigeria and other African countries. It is for this reason that Giwa-Tubosun created LifeBank to eradicate the unavailability of blood at crucial/critical moments. 

Life Bank is a business enterprise in Nigeria that’s working to improve access to blood transfusions in the country.

It was founded in 2016, the health  technology startup was created to address the issue of blood shortages in Nigeria. The startup recently expanded to Kenya and aims to save lives across all of Africa.

Life Bank has succeeded in saving more than 10,000 lives in critical emergencies and plans to save 990,000 more lives as it extends its reach to Kenya. The startup works to find technological solutions to improve healthcare in Africa.

Life Bank aims to solve two major problems in the health sector of Africa: accessibility and infrastructure.

Thereby rendering uninterrupted blood service delivery to people and Hospitals that are in dire need of blood. Especially those located in rural areas, who have no access to essential medical supplies.  

Since its establishment in 2016, LifeBank has had a deep-seated impact on healthcare in Africa. The innovative company makes use of data technology and smart logistics to improve the discoverability, affordability, delivery,  and safety of essential medical products, including blood and oxygen for health systems in Nigeria and Kenya.

Overtime, LifeBank has saved thousands of lives by delivering more than 25,000 essential medical products to roughly 550 hospitals in need.

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Job Openings At Life Bank 

Being a healthcare technology and logistics company that’s in the business of saving lives, Lifebank believes that no African deserves to die as a result of shortage in essential medical products at the hospital level, and so they are on a mission to eradicate this.

LifeBank is currently working on the blood shortage problem in Nigeria by connecting hospitals to blood banks, and blood banks to donors.

This is achieved by hosting blood drives and by delivering blood in less than 55 minutes, from a WHO and EU recommended cold-chain, to hospitals. Therefore the need for new recruits, into the following positions;

  • Medical Health Practitioner.
  • Medical health service provider.
  • Finance officer.
  • Medical Sales Representative.

Services Rendered By Life Bank

  • Fast, Cheap, and Safe delivery of medical supplies to patients and bringing efficiency to its hospital partners. 
  • Averting the possibility of death due to blood shortage. 

Recruitment Qualification

  • Applicants should have a maximum of 9 years of management and health policy experience with strong skills in project research, operations, public relations, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), system strengthening, and operational research.
  • Applicants should be experts in providing medical health services. 
  • A minimum of nine (9) years working experience in the area of health is essential. 

All required credentials and CV should be uploaded via the login portal on the website; 

http://lifebankcares.com [email protected]

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