How To Improve Your Job Prospects

How to Improve Your Job Prospects: As most of us are aware, job search can be a stressful and time-consuming process. While looking for a new job might feel like a never-ending trek through a jungle of CVs and interviews, there are some basic steps you can do to boost your chances and speed up the process.

We’ve included some pointers and tricks that you can use right away. These tips won’t take days or weeks to implement; perhaps, you’ll be able to do a few of them—and boost your career prospects—within a few hours.

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1. Organize Your Resume

The first thing you should focus on is your CV, as this is what employers will view immediately. Most employers read through ten or more resumes every day, and research suggests that it just takes seconds to determine if a CV passes muster. Check to see if yours sticks out for the correct reasons.

Examine your CV to check if it is simple to understand. Have you made use of bullet points? Have you made use of headers? Is the information on the page simple to find? All of this is important, so make sure everything is neat and professional.

Consider hiring a professional resume writer if you want your resume to stand out even more. Career Services at Mediabistro range from a fast resume edit to multiple hours of job counseling to address your CV, networking skills, career change, and more.

2. Examine Your Digital Footprint

Before you start looking for employment, clean up your digital footprint since many companies will conduct Internet research on you once you’ve cleared the initial CV obstacle. Set your social media profiles to private and choose profile photos that are relatively appropriate (no drunken selfies, please).

Facebook and Twitter both include a feature that allows you to download every update you’ve ever written into a single document, which you can then read through and remove anything you don’t want.

It also goes without saying that you should Google your name to see what results come up. You’ll want to deal with anything suspicious as soon as possible.

If you haven’t already, fine-tune your LinkedIn profile to make it a tool for finding a job.

3. Make Room on Your Calendar

Be prepared to free your schedule for future job interviews. If you’re working full-time while searching for another job, make sure your present employer is aware of your search (and is willing to be flexible about taking interview time off work) or that you have a few vacation days saved up to utilize if any out-of-town interviews come up.

If you already work in shifts, seek a range of hours to work throughout the week in order to free up certain mornings and afternoons. If you are unable to attend the real interview, you may lose your chance at a new career.

4. Please Study.

Brush up on your sector and any recent news or announcements that may be making the rounds (whether it’s the newest hurdles in content marketing or how a certain agency is dealing with an audience that is increasingly ad-blocking happy).

You’ll come across as knowledgeable and conscientious, and your expertise will make for interesting small chat during an interview. It will also provide you an advantage over your competitors.

Blogs, news websites, and trade publications are excellent sources. Feedly is a powerful application that allows you to organize, read, and share material from your favorite websites in one location.

5. Take your time.

Many individuals believe that job search is as simple as sending out a few resumes and hoping for the best. To make the most of your job search, register your CV and contact information on relevant employment sites—and set up daily email notifications for new job postings that are posted. This ensures you don’t pass on any excellent possibilities.

Inform your pals that you, too, are on the lookout. It is sometimes true that it is all about who you know.

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6. Take Up Volunteering

Another way on how to improve your job prospects is to consider volunteering if you want to break into a new field or expand your skill set.

The perfect volunteer position will quickly set your CV out from the crowd. It demonstrates that you are a driven and unselfish someone on whom a future employer can rely, as well as someone who is open to new experiences.

Volunteering is also a great opportunity to increase your confidence and meet new people who share your interests – as well as to open your mind to a world of new possibilities. Who knows, you could even discover a whole new job as a result of it.

7. Improve Your Networking Skills

Another way on how to improve your job prospects is to improve your networking skills.

Many people get their ideal jobs as a result of their strong networking abilities. Word of mouth and social networking are both effective strategies to broaden your job opportunities by allowing you to create contacts with individuals in your business, boost your industry expertise, and broaden your worldview.

You never know who could be able to help you directly with advise and support, or indirectly by putting in a good word for you to a contact who is seeking for someone with your abilities or expertise. So, wherever possible, try to expand your networking chances.

8. Increase your output.

If there is one thing that you can do to improve your job chances the most, it is to increase your productivity and eliminate procrastination.

Procrastination will not only have a bad impact on your job performance, but it will also prevent you from being as focused and on the ball as you need to be if you are searching for a career or job move. So, figure out how to break any procrastination habits you may have developed and replace them with more productive ones.

Finally, make a list of the top 20 firms you’d like to work for and contact them through email—even if they don’t appear to be recruiting. A speculative application can be just as successful as one based on a job advertisement.

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