How To Get Along With A Coworker You Don’t Like

Some coworkers make your job a paradise, whereas some make it a living hell.

Suppose you are asked by a friend ‘how to get along with a coworker you don’t like,’ what would be your reply?

You cannot underestimate the power of a good working environment. 

Getting along with a coworker you don’t like is draining and annoying. In addition, if you don’t have reasonable control of yourself, you might be negatively affected in terms of productivity and attitude.

This article will give tips on getting along with a coworker you don’t like.

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Practical Ways To Get Along With A Coworker You Don’t Like

There are practical ways to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

Some of these practical ways include:

Controlling Your Reaction

You must learn to control your reaction if you want to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

It would help to practice a relaxation method daily to handle your triggers. 

It will enhance your ability to handle stress, which means the annoying person isn’t that annoying anymore.

Your response to your dreaded coworker may range from slight discomfort to outright hostility.

If someone is annoying or abrasive, don’t think about how the person acts; think about how you react. Focusing on your behavior is far more productive because you can control it. 

Private Communication

To get along with a coworker you don’t like, you must try to communicate with them privately. 

Take ownership of your feelings and help the person understand how their behavior affects you.

It can make them feel more open to an honest conversation.

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Avoid Gossiping

It would help if you consciously avoided gossiping about a coworker you don’t like.

I said ‘conscious’ because the feeling of talking about them might seem overwhelming.

Gossiping about someone in your office can reflect negatively on you. You may garner a reputation as unprofessional. 

If you find you have to vent, choose your support network carefully. Ideally, choose people outside the office.

Act Indifferent

It might be necessary to act indifferent if you want to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

When you act indifferent to their excesses, you neutralize the effect on you.

This type of cognitive reframing can be effective when you have little to no control.

Have Proof Of Their Ill-Behaviour

If they persistently disrespect you, you might need proof of their ill behavior. 

Save anything that shows unprofessional communications from them. 

It can help you see patterns in their actions and have evidence if you discuss this coworker’s behavior with management.

Sincerely Criticize Yourself

It is essential to sincerely criticize yourself if you want to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

Sometimes you don’t like a coworker because the person has the same bad habits as you do. When they reflect on you, you do not like it. 

Perhaps a coworker is doing this because you are hurting him. Think about how you treat others, and see if you can improve.

You may find that by manifesting kindness, others will repay you.

Pay More Attention To Your Coworker

To be able to get along with a coworker you don’t like, you need to pay more attention to them.

After all, you never can tell if your coworker, who is short-tempered all of the time, might just have gone through a terrible court case where she lost custody of her children. So understandably, she’s not happy at the moment. 

Sometimes, you give people you know the benefit of the doubt.

Anything can happen, and it does not make a person more attractive, but it does make you see where he is coming from. And that can help you learn to love a workmate who you think doesn’t love you.

Be Matured

It would be best to be mature in your actions.

It will enable you to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

Instead of imitating this person’s behavior, try to be a better person. Continue to treat others with kindness. If you build and have hope, you may find that others feel motivated to do the same.

It can improve the morale of your workplace employees and make it a better workplace. However, when everyone else is doing well, it is easy to ignore the person you do not like.

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Request For Assistance

If your coworker causes problems with your work, talk to your manager—request assistance from your HR manager on how to get along with your coworker you don’t like. 

They are there to help, and often, a manager can rearrange assignments so that you don’t have to interact with a coworker you don’t like constantly. 

Accept The Situation

Sometimes, accepting the situation is the best bet to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

So long as your coworker’s behavior isn’t violating any laws or workplace policies, you may need to learn to accept the situation. 

Be aware that there are many other people in your work that you can appreciate. Therefore, choose to make peace with this person and accept your disagreement.

Associate With Other Coworkers

Surrounded by encouraging people, you often get frustrated with colleagues you do not like.

Direct your attention to your coworkers. Instead of trying to fit in with someone else, try to associate with those you enjoy.

Find people who share your view of life and associate with them.

Be Professional

Keeping things professional is an effective way to get along with a coworker you don’t like. 

You can do this by trying to limit how often you are around this coworker.

If they are at a party like yours, try to have a polite little conversation and then move on to someone else. Make this limit hidden to remember the feelings of your coworker.

Be Respectful

Be careful what you say about this coworker to other coworkers. Keeping the conversation positive and professional can help you comply with company guidelines. You can maintain a good reputation at work by continuing to be polite. The coworker you do not like may also learn to show respect for you.


Unfortunately, choosing a coworker is out of your control. Nevertheless, the only thing you can control is how to get along with a coworker you don’t like.

As much as this is not easy, it is essential to effectively deal with a coworker you don’t like to enjoy and be productive at your job.

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