How Do I Trend My Blog?

If you are having issues with your blog not trending, this article is written for you.

This article provides information on how you can make your blog trend online and on searches.

Blogs can be a very profitable business but it has a lot of competition and your blog needs to trend above them all.

This article provides easy ways to implement strategies that will make your blog trend.

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What Is A Blog?

A blog is an article, news piece, or guide that’s published in the blog section of a website. 

A blog is educational covering specific topics or queries.

A blog contains 600 to 2000 or more words, images, videos, infographics, and interactive charts.

Strategies To Make Your Blog Trend

1. Create unique content

If you write good content, then your blog is likely to be read.

But if you want your blog to trend, you have to create unique content more than other bloggers and blog sites.

2. Visual content

The importance of using visual content in making your blog trend cannot be over-emphasized.

Visual content gives your blog post visibility and retention.

Visual content like images and videos gives your readers a way to skim through your blog without actually reading through it.

Visual content makes your information easier to scan through but still remember, making your blog trend higher.

Adding images and videos to your blog separates large written text and provides a way for your audience to engage with your blog. 

As much as you should use unique content in your blog, stock imagery can still be used to make your blog trend higher.

An infographic, for example, helps readers to easily get your information without reading through the entire blog.

Integrating video content into your blog is a good way to make your blog trend.

3. Affiliate marketing

Implement affiliate marketing techniques into your blog to make it a trend.

Affiliate marketing allows you to provide a sales link outside your blog post.

If your blog is about a product or service, you can check for affiliate programs related that you can use in your blog.

You can check for affiliate programs by searching on google: the product or service and affiliate marketing.

It’s better to choose products or services you are familiar with because your blog trend depends on how well you sell the product or service.

Using affiliate marketing techniques, your blog should be educative and informative to increase its chances of trending.

4. Critical readers

When writing blogs that will trend, you should write truthful and unique content that uses authorized sources and citations.

If your blog is filled with unverified claims, you might lose your readers and it will negatively affect your blog trend.

For your blog to trend, don’t write what is not true or cannot be verified from an authorized source.

Tips for writing for critical readers that can make your blog trend include:

  • Write honest content that can be verified from the source
  • When writing claims or quotes, you can use backlinks to cite sources or add them to footnotes.
  • Do not write claims you cannot prove
  • Do not write anything you cannot deliver

Staying informed and improving your blog integrity can make your blog trend.

5. Mobile phone formatting

Writing in a mobile phone format can make your blog trend.

When writing a mobile phone format blog, consider how your blog content will look like on a mobile device.

Sentences in desktop format can look different than in a mobile phone format.

Use short sentences and paragraphs, and make sure your blog is customized for mobile phone formatting.

Other tips on using mobile phone format to make your blog trend include:

  • Make your blog navigation easy
  • Make your blog content easy for readers to scan
  • Make sure the page loads fast
  • Don’t use text wrapping for images in your blog

6. Estimated reading time

Estimate the time it will take for readers to read your blog to increase the chances of your blog trending.

An adult on average can read about 200 words per minute.

To estimate the reading time for your blog, divide the number of words by 200 words per minute and round up the number.

This increases the chances that they read your entire blog and their expectations are met.

Web hosting services like WordPress and online calculators like Read-O-Meter can help estimate the reading time for your blog.

7. TL;DR summary

You should have a Too Long Didn’t Read summary in your blog to increase your blog trend.

You can use a list or paragraph summary at the top of your blog.

Don’t write too many words in this summary.

Use a standard TL;DR summary type that is easier for you and makes your blog consistent and reliable.

There are online tools available that can help you with a TL;DR summary for your blog.

8.Use google trends

Using google trends for your blog can make your blog trend on google.

Google Trends is an online service that allows you to see keyword trends and other popular trends on google.

Google Trends will help you in writing blog content that readers will want to read, making your blog trend in the process.

Run your keywords in Google Trends and find out if your audience is interested so your blog can be in the right direction.

Using Google Trends, you can have a personalized calendar and see what topics are popular at certain times of the year.

Google Trend is also a good place to get content ideas for your blog that will make your blog trend higher.

Quick Tips To Make Your Blog Trend

  • Strategy and planning time

You can use at least an hour to do your research before you write your blogs.

Do your research on different blog posts that reach a bigger audience than you.

Take your time to plan on the unique content your blog will have that can make it a trend.

  • Take time to create new content

You can use at least two hours to create unique content for your blog. 

Take time to craft an engaging outline content for your blog that will make your blog trend.

  • Promote your blog

You can use at least an hour to promote your blog on different platforms.

You can also use this time to check other blog posts with related contents and see the type of audience to expect.

Have a great day.

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