Computer Hardware Engineer Jobs

So many different computer hardware engineering job opportunities are available for students and already experienced individuals looking for greener pastures. 

The computer hardware engineering field has an array of categories, but each one demands that you acquire extensive skills and capabilities to handle the specific profession.

This article enables you to learn about the different computer hardware engineering paths

After reading, you can easily determine a career path that aligns with your interest and goals; we have also provided tips to help you determine a hardware engineering profession that suits your interests.

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Computer Hardware Engineer Jobs

1. Computer Networking

Computer hardware networking involves specialization in the building and maintaining of computer network systems. These computer network systems are Extranet, Intranet, Wide Area Networks (WAN), and Local Area Networks (LAN). 

Computer networking professionals are responsible for fixing the errors associated with these network systems.

There are different careers you can pursue in computer networking, some of which are: 

  • Network Administrator – Annual salary is $66,813
  • Network Engineer – Annual salary is $86,266
  • Network Architect – Annual salary is $127,860 

2. Hardware System Engineer

The core focus of a professional who works as a hardware system engineer is the designation and development of various hardware systems and components. 

These professionals produce processors, motherboards, mouses, and other essential computer devices. After producing these components, they test prototypes to ensure they are functioning perfectly.

There are different careers you can pursue in computer hardware system engineering, some of which are: 

  • Hardware technician – Earning an annual salary of $49,189
  • Hardware engineer – Earning an annual salary of $101,953
  • Hardware design engineer – Earning an annual salary of $106,845

3. Video Games Development

A professional in this division primarily focuses on working on a team that creates video games. 

The individual roles in this engineering profession vary depending on the skills of individuals on the team, skills such as landscape designing, audio engineering, animation programming, and game testing skills. 

Video games have a development process, and the various skills each individual on the production team has to offer to play a very important role.

There are different careers you can pursue in video games development, some of which are: 

  • Video game developer – This profession promises an average of $50,677 annually 
  • Video game tester – This profession delivers an average of $53,181 annually
  • Video game designer – This profession pays an average of $75,429 annually 

4. Mobile Hardware Development

Mobile hardware developers are highly skilled and proficient in developing applications for mobile devices, for example, Android phones, tablets, and ipads. 

They are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure for these applications and testing prototypes to monitor their performance metrics. 

Mobile hardware engineers frequently update these applications so that they will work in compliance with new software system upgrades and package releases.

There are different careers you can pursue in mobile hardware development, some of which are: 

  • Mobile phone technician – Annual salary is $39,059 on an average scale
  • Application developer – Annual salary is $81,652 on an average scale
  • Mobile developer – Annual salary is $119,827 on an average scale 

Embedded Systems Engineering

An embedded software engineer is responsible for the following: 

  • Designing and maintaining the software of embedded systems and devices.
  • Development, coding, and debugging of a system’s software 
  • Applying analytical reasoning to enhance the system software’s efficiency, stability, and scalability.

5. Computer Architecture Engineering

The core focus of professionals who work as computer architects is the arrangement of the computer system components. 

They focus on producing high-level chips to optimize a computer network’s performance.

They design software, write algorithms and balance the efficiency, performance, cost, and reliability of every computer system in their care.

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Computer Hardware Engineer Skills And Responsibilities 

It is essential for Computer hardware professionals to acquire an array of skills and expertise in order to successfully manage the profession. 

These are some of the basic day-to-day responsibilities and remarkable skill sets computer hardware professionals should possess: 

Computer hardware engineers

  • Constantly improve their knowledge and skills to keep up with the current advancements in the technology world.
  • Assemble, experiment, and modify device models using effective prototypes or theoretical prototypes built by computer simulation.
  • Implement well-detailed specifications that explain the hardware development process and support hardware introduction.
  • Identify power supply requirements and configuration.
  • Design system specifications and performance expectations.
  • Work with engineering coworkers and infer specifications to evaluate the interface between software and hardware.
  • Develop and design disk drives, printers, custom integrated circuits, microprocessors, support logic, central processing units, other computer hardware, and support peripherals.

Tips For Determining A Computer Hardware Engineering Profession 

In order to choose a computer engineering specialization, an individual would need to 

Find Out His/Her Interest 

When finding out your interest, it may help to use a piece of paper to make a list of your engineering interests. 

Think about all the engineering topics you mostly research and all the little engineering hobbies you engage in during your spare time. 

Broadly On All The Different Computer Hardware Engineering Jobs

When looking to acquire a profession in computer hardware engineering and you do not know which of them among the many to choose, consider making a list of all the hardware engineering jobs there is. 

Do research on all their job descriptions, requirements, skills, and responsibilities, and try to figure out which of the professions you’ll likely fit into and likely love to manage. 

This activity will help you choose which computer hardware engineering category is best for you. 

Know Your Area Of Specialization

Every individual has an area of specialty; if you are looking to choose a computer hardware engineering profession that will suit you. 

It is important to know your area of specialty first, as no professional can specialize in different areas of technology in the computer hardware engineering field; you have to stick to one area of specialty so that you’ll be highly proficient in it.  

Work Environments Of Computer Hardware Engineers

A computer hardware engineer works in research laboratories that assemble and experiment with various types of computer models/prototypes. 

They also work in computer designing and related system industries, Scientific research and development industries, and industries that manufacture computer and peripheral equipment.


What Do You Do As A Computer Hardware Engineer?

Computer hardware engineers research, design, and develop computer systems. 

How In Demand Are Computer Hardware Engineers?

Computer hardware engineer’s jobs are projected to grow 5 percent between 2021 and 2031, about as fast as the average for all occupations. On average, about 5,300 computer hardware engineer openings are projected yearly over a decade.

What Is The Highest Salary Of A Computer Hardware Engineer Per Month?

A hardware engineer’s highest salary is ₹15.0 Lakhs per annum (₹1.3L per month). An entry-level hardware engineer with less than three years of experience can earn an average salary of ₹ 4.6 Lakh annually.

Where Do Most Computer Hardware Engineers Work?

Many computer hardware engineers work in research labs and for computer companies and design firms. They work in computer and electronic product manufacturing, computer system design, and scientific research and development. Most of these professionals work in urban areas.

Do Computer Hardware Engineers Need Coding?

Yes. Computer hardware engineers need coding experience. The most successful professionals in this field know how to code in Python, C, C++, and Verilog. You can learn coding on your own or as part of a training program, giving you many chances to build expertise.

Which Pays More, Hardware Or Software Engineering?

Hardware and software engineers typically earn similar salaries on average. According to Payscale data, as of January 2023, software engineers earn an average salary of $90,750, while hardware engineers earn $90,880.

What Top 3 Industries Employ Computer Hardware Engineers?

The most common industries employing computer hardware engineers by several employees are computer systems design, computer and peripheral manufacturing, and electronic component and product manufacturing.

Do You Travel As A Computer Hardware Engineer?

They may travel extensively to work sites across the country and abroad. Most computer engineers work a standard 40-hour week, except when deadline pressures require longer hours.

Which Is Better, Hardware Or Software Engineering?

Software engineers are usually creative, collaborative, and reliable and have natural leadership skills. Hardware engineering can require more patience, awareness, and innovation because the physical components of computer operating systems typically take much longer to test, update, and install.

What Programming Language Is Used In Hardware?

Hardware description language (HDL) is a computer language that describes the structure and behavior of electronic circuits and, most commonly, digital logic circuits.


We urge you to apply for a computer hardware engineering job that aligns with your acquired skills, educational qualifications, interests, and goals in order to deliver good results when you are employed. 

This way, you will greatly value the organization or company because you are making a very positive impact.

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