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Who Is A Case Manager?

Sometimes, we face extreme difficulties while handling the responsibilities of life.

We experience health problems, difficulties with school, marriage strains, mental health failures, legal cases, juvenile detentions, difficulties getting a place to work, a place to live, old age, and many more.

In situations like these, where most individuals do not know where to turn to or who they could run to for support, case managers are the best advocates to call for counsel and support to impact their lives positively.


Case managers are individuals who provide guidance, support, and extensive care to people having physical health issues, mental health issues, and social issues.

Case Managers work with other occupational therapists and health providers to ensure their clients are well cared for. 

Career And Educational Qualifications For A Case Manager Job Description

Some healthcare facilities are looking for case managers to improve the quality of patient care, maximize satisfaction and drive cost efficiency.

The staff will be responsible for the entire cycle of patient care. The duties of the Case Manager include the assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of actions necessary to ensure the client’s health and human services. A certified Case Manager is an advantage.

  • Individuals who want to acquire a case manager job generally are required to hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing; with this degree, they are automatically licensed to practice in their state of residence. 
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology 
  • Individuals looking to acquire a case manager job should be active registered nurses in their state of residence.
  • 2 – 5 years of healthcare experience in a profession similar to case management or preferably a case management profession.
  • Advanced technical skills are required of an aspiring case manager, preferably in Microsoft Excel, to effectively report patient data.
  • Proven work experience in a mental health facility.
  • He or She is expected to have advanced knowledge of the psychological aspects of healthcare.

Are There Age Requirements?

A case manager job can be allocated to elderly people with healthcare/service experience, no specific gender. Case managers should be between the ages of 40-60. This age sees to experience and tackles any form of mediocrity that may ensue.

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Are There Achievements Required?

While there might be no mandatory achievement requirements for becoming a case manager; however, there are some step-by-step compulsory steps to take in order to fit into certain firms and health facilities.

There are certain achievements an individual must have attained before seeking a case manager Job. Some of these achievements are as follows:

  • The individual is expected to have assisted mentally ill patients to get back into society with a sense of purpose and self-worth.
  • The individual is expected to have provided guidance & support to domestic abuse patients.
  • The individual is expected to have experience in documenting changes and progress of patients under health care.
  • The individual is required to have achieved one or two referral letters stating his/her accountability and reliability.

A Case Manager Needs To Possess The Following Personalities/Capabilities

  • Attentive Listening
  • Ability to Communication kindly
  • Empathy And Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Patience And Ability To Handle Situations That Prove Stressful
  • Do Not Publicize Patient Information 
  • Reliability And Validity
  • Kindness

A Case Manager Needs To Have Experience On Any Three The Following Minimum:

  • Patient Welfare Experience
  • Extensive Customer Care/Service
  • Youth/Community Service
  • Proof Of Work With The Disabled In Certificate Form (Young or old) 
  • Guidance Counseling Experience
  • Qualifications In A Nursing Profession
  • Social Work Experience
  • Experience In Occupational Health Therapy
  • Proof Of Work Experience In Case Management 
  • Experience With A Psychology Facility 

A Case Manager Must Have The Following Skills And Knowledge

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Negotiation and Collaboration
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Mental Health Assessment 
  • Leadership And Teamwork skills
  • Master The Art of Problem Solving
  • Impressive Decision-Making Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Strategist
  • Must Be Well Educated
  • Must Be Verbally Sound
  • Customer Care Service
  • Must Know How To Value/Manage Time
  • Think Smartly Before Action
  • Excellent Planning Strategist 
  • Accountability For Patients Under His/Her Care 
  • Multitasking Capabilities 

Some Assigned Tasks To Case Managers; Things Case Managers Do

  • Case Managers Assist Patients In Get Payroll Jobs
  • They Offer Assistance To Patients Who Make Insurance Claims.
  • Enable their Detained Patients To Actively Participate In Prison Programmes.
  • Case Managers Strategize On Plans To Enable Their Patients In Prison Live Until They Are Released. 
  • They Read Through The Case Files Of Their Patients To Determine How To Be Of Help To Them.
  • Case Managers Take Reports, Case Notes and Give Recommendations To Patients 
  • Handle Crisis Effectively By Providing Emergency Assistance And Support
  • Hold Seminars On Wellness, How To Live A Healthy Life, and Job Seeking
  • Creates/Draws A Patient’s Health Care Plan
  • Communicate / Break Down Complicated Medical Information To Patients In Ways They Will Understand.
  • Handle Patient Case Assignments
  • Handle Case Progress Reviews
  • Determine The Conclusion Of The Case

Who Do Case Managers Work With?

These certified healthcare providers work directly with their assigned patients and their loved ones. 

Depending on the case/situation, they also work hand in hand with experts in other fields.

They can handle cases with other principal administrators, healthcare workers, occupational therapy teams, social workers, medical teams, physicians, psychologists, counsellors, community health centres, and health insurers.

Case Managers Salary?

Payment for case Managers varies, depending on their employers and their work experience.

  • Newly Employed Rookie Case Managers Earn $50,000 – $66,000 Annually. 
  • Newly Employed Experienced Case Managers Earn Roughly $66,000 – $81,000 Annually. 
  • Individuals Who Are Expert Case Managers Earn Between $90,000 – $117,000. 
  • What is an example of a case manager?

A patient who suffers a stroke might be assigned a case manager to ensure they get the care due to them. The case manager would then act as an interlink between the patient and their health insurer.


What Is The Difference Between Case Management And Case Manager?

Case management deals with the entire recovery and rehabilitation process, and it covers every aspect and creates one clear path to better health. On the other hand, case managers may accomplish tasks such as organizing a care plan and other critical aspects of recovery.

What Are The 5 Principles Of Case Management?

The principles of autonomy, integrity, beneficence, nonmaleficence, equity, and justice guide case management.

What Questions Should A Case Manager Ask A Client?

“What are your expectations for our time together today?” “How can I help you with that?” “What was different then?” Do you think that was the best way to handle that situation?

What Are Case Management Activities?

Case management includes: needs assessment, intake, implementation, service planning, service coordination, monitoring and follow-up, reassessment, case conferencing, crisis intervention, and case closure.

What Is Another Name For A Case Manager?

A case manager, also called a nurse case manager, is a professional healthcare assistant who coordinates the overall care of individual patients.

What Are The Two Types Of Case Management?

Brokerage Case Management: A case manager primarily assesses and organizes a client’s care needs and ensures they get the necessary resources. 
Clinical Case Management: Case managers, often clinicians in this model, provide direct services and get more involved with the client’s journey.

What Are The Job Requirements Of A Case Manager?

Case Managers assist their patients in understanding the exact situation they are tackling at the moment. They act as an intermediary between their patients and the Medicare options and treatments prescribed. 
There are different types of case jobs; examples are; Mental health case management, Substance abuse case management, Rehabilitation case management, legal case management, medicare case management, home health service, developmental disabilities case management, health insurance case management, child case management, Academic struggle case management, Juvenile case management, pediatric case management.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Case Manager?

Case Managers work hand-in-hand with their clients. They help to review their records and speak with their family members, to better assess their needs and conditions.

What Makes A Good Case Manager?

An excellent case manager has empathy, a caring heart, is very organized, and has interpersonal relationship communication skills. A Good Case Manager understands and knows the different resources available in any given community. They possess impressive documentation skills, writing skills, time management, multitasking Capabilities, and leadership/teamwork skills.


There you have it! A detailed guide to a case manager job description. We hope this article will better prepare you for the jon ahead as you do your best to follow the guide herein. 

Good Luck!


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