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The Company

Executive Assistant at 6sense Insights helps B2B sales and marketing organizations fully understand ABM’s complex buyer journey.

Combining the intent signals from each channel with the industry’s most advanced AI prediction capabilities is finally possible to predict account demand and optimize demand generation in the ABM world.

With the help of artificial intelligence and the power of the 6sense Demand Platform ™, sales and marketing professionals can discover, accelerate, and capture buyers’ needs, thereby increasing revenue.

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Ideal Behavior and Capability

Always maintain an elegant, professional, and service-oriented demeanor.

Clear and safe ethical standards guide decision-making in ambiguous situations.

Comfortable function in roles that require a high degree of flexibility, capable of interpreting policies independently and solving unconventional and complex problems with minimal supervision (balance requires clarification) / Assist in case of difficulties.)

Flexible assume a wide range of responsibilities to support assigned management/department and have the ability to prioritize workflow based on task evaluation and interdepartmental needs.

Able to work in a collaborative team environment, focusing on maturity, active communication, relationship-building skills, and flexibility.

Curiosity and active learning mentality to support the continued growth of personal and business levels.

A “self-starting” mentality, actively and continuously improving processes to maintain the continued effectiveness of the department and the entire company.

Provides team support for multiple projects that need to manage multiple concurrent tasks with the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, timely delivery, and customer service.

Strong written and oral communication skills.

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Provide regular and unconventional administrative support to management, work teams, and/or departments, and handle many competitive administrative tasks (across multiple departments) that require professional knowledge of the appropriate urgency/priority To complete + the work with the executive administrator. Continue to promote the creation and completion of slides (quarterly) and department OKRs (monthly, quarterly, and annually) by the CEO within a predetermined period.

Provides broad support for Office 365 calendars. You need to prioritize multiple calendars in different time zones and communicate effectively with various business stakeholders (especially management colleagues).

Coordination, organization, and management of travel, meetings, coordination, and marketing, and other EA client activities, conferences, and meetings for the majority of the senior members of the department.

Initiated and continually improved departmental administrative procedures.

Prepares and handles departmental communications, including unconventional communications and complex presentations.

Represents department heads and department employees to regularly interact with internal and external stakeholders to coordinate department/manager business needs.

Responsible for attending department / senior leadership meetings and coordinating / monitoring follow-up.

Collaborate and coordinate multiple ongoing meetings and remote meetings/events for department staff

Record and maintain team processes, procedures, and plans

Coordinate the assignment of other departmental projects.

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Technical knowledge

Intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite (i.e., PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and shared collaboration tools such as SharePoint and/or OneDrive for Office 365) or equivalent platform (Google Suite / Mac OS, etc. .)

Experience in Project Management Software Tools (Planner, Asana).

Learn about the convenience of new technologies to master the internal desktop/software required to perform specific tasks successfully. It may be necessary for you to become the department’s “expert” or “trainer” for the designated software platform.

Demonstrate understanding of company policies and procedures and their application/impact on company operations and success.

Base Qualifications / Requirements

A. (or equivalent) and 3-5 years of relevant work experience

S. Diploma, A.A. or A.S. and 6-8 years of relevant work experience



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