Saint Martin’s University Washington USA Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships 2022

The undergraduate academic merit scholarships at Saint Martin’s University is still accepting applications for the academic year 2022–2023. 

Although this scholarship is located in the United States, applicants from all over the world are welcome to apply and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, which guarantees to cover a portion of the mandatory fees that each student is required to pay while attending Saint Martin’s University.

Saint Martin’s is committed to assisting you with the cost of your education and they reward nearly $20 million annually, ranging from $100 to the full cost of tuition, in scholarships.

When applying as an international student, you must hand over a few crucial documents to the consulate of your nation.

Although this scholarship is open to anybody interested in applying, it is only offered to undergraduate students who want to pursue a higher degree in the field of their choice.

Keep on reading this article to get more details on the undergraduate academic merit scholarship offered at Saint Martin’s University.

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About Saint Martin’s University

Private liberal arts college Saint Martin’s was established in 1895 and is situated on 380 acres in the stunning Pacific Northwest. 

Saint Martin’s University has a specialized education with a student-to-instructor ratio of 12:1. 

Here, students are given the tools they need to pursue a lifetime of learning and success in anything from engineering to science, business to social work, and nursing to education.

This institution is so amazing that it has been rated as one of the top remarkable foundations that have produced a lot of graduates who rank among the world’s best forerunners in various regions.

They regularly welcome new students to their campuses with this scholarship from diverse locations.

About Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

Saint Martin’s University is regarded as one of the best institutions in the world and was established in 1895. 

At Saint Martin’s University, the Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships are available from 2022 to 2023.

The Undergraduate Academic Merit scholarship is sponsored by the school administration, so it’s easy to get the benefits of this scholarship that have been offered.

This exceptional scholarship ensured that a portion of the tuition that each student of this elite university must pay would be covered while they pursued their education there.

Additionally, this scholarship program will provide significant assistance to international students.

Students who earn a CGPA of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 are eligible for Saint Martin’s University’s undergraduate academic merit scholarships for the academic year 2022.

An external transcript review firm will assess non-US transcripts and mark sheets to calculate the cumulative GPA. 

The standard utilized to assess scholarship eligibility will be the GPA attained at the time of acceptance.

Students will gain access to countless opportunities during the length of this scholarship, because regardless of the course each student intended to study as part of this scholarship program, they would be exposed to advanced learning in their numerous graduate programs.

Degree Level For Saint Martin’s University Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

The Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship is available for students to pursue their undergraduate studies at Saint Martin’s University during the 2022–2023 academic session.

Subjects Available In Saint Martin’s University Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

One of the top universities, Saint Martin’s University, offers a wide choice of subjects as part of this outstanding scholarship.

And for the duration of this scholarship, all of the courses this college offers are available parts that qualify.

This allows you to choose the course you want while being assured that your system is covered by the scholarship offer.

Eligible Nationalities For Saint Martin’s University Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

This extraordinary scholarship is by default intended for everyone, regardless of where they are from.

This scholarship offer is also open to international students with stellar academic records from their prior studies.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are an international or domestic student, you can apply for this program.

Saint Martin’s University Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship Benefits 

Every successful applicant for this scholarship will receive a sizable offer once they begin their studies at Saint Martin’s University.

For a GPA of 3.75-4.00, students will get about $20,000 annually, while for a GPA of 3.74-3.50, students will get about $18,000.

For a GPA of 3.49-3.00, students will get $16,000 yearly, while for a GPA of 2.99-2.75, students will get about $14,000.

And lastly, for a GPA of 2.74-2.50, students will get a sum of $12,000.

Other Saint Martin’s University Scholarships & Awards

1. International Partner School Scholarship (renews annually)

An international undergraduate student must enroll full-time, transfer from a high school that is a global partner, and satisfy all undergraduate admissions standards to qualify for this $2000 award.

The qualification of overseas partner schools is decided by Saint Martin’s Office of International Programs & Development.

2. Campus Visit Prize

International applicants who visit our campus in person or virtually through our website are eligible to receive a $500 nonrenewable award upon enrolment.

3. Alumni and Friends Scholarship

Only transfer students and incoming first-year students are eligible for Alumni and Friends scholarship. 

Using this form, alumni, parents, and friends of the university can grant a $1,000 tuition scholarship each year to prospective first-year or transfer students who they think will succeed on campus and contribute to the Saints community.

Before the student begins their studies at Saint Martin’s University, a reference form must be submitted to the Office of International Programs & Development.

4. Outstanding Achievement Awards (nonrenewable)

A $1,000 International Leadership Award, and $1,000 Outstanding Service Awards for all eligible overseas undergraduate applicants.

The International Student Achievement Award application must be submitted at the same time as the undergraduate admissions form for consideration. One award request per person is allowed.

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 from their prior educational institution is required for first-year and transfer applicants. 

To be submitted with a CV is a minimum 250-word essay demonstrating leadership or service experience.

5. Benedictine High School Scholarship (renews annually)

Students must fulfill all entrance requirements such as enrolling in school full time and must have completed from Benedictine high school to get this scholarship.

Benedict High School scholarship offers $2000 to eligible students yearly.

6. English Language Scholarships (renews annually)

To be considered for this scholarship, official score reports of not less than two years must be supplied. 

English Language Scholarships offer about $1,000 and $2,000 to eligible students yearly.

To be eligible for this scholarship, your scores for various types of exams need to be:

  • TOEFL (iBT) 79–91 or higher
  • 550-579 or higher on the TOEFL (Paper Based Test)
  • ILETS 6.5, 7.0, or higher
  • Duolingo levels 105–110 or higher


For international students, Saint Martin’s University is dedicated to making education both accessible and affordable. 

All eligible overseas undergraduate applicants to Saint Martin’s University who wish to enroll in classes on an F-1 student visa are eligible for academic merit scholarships.

To apply for this scholarship, click the link below

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