Kuda Bank Instant Loans Without Collateral: How To Apply

Kuda bank is an online banking platform that helps to save money, invest, and also loans services. With Kuda bank, assessing loans is pretty easy. You need no arranged paperwork, no embarrassment, just a 0.3% daily interest.

And as long as you use your Kuda bank regularly, you can access Kuda’s short-term loans in a few easy steps. In this article, we’d be reviewing all requirements needed to apply for a Kuda bank loan so keep reading.

The online-only feature of the Kuda bank makes it a bank that doesn’t require its users to visit any physical banks to make transactions or resolve any problem which may arise. 

This is due to the stress people go through in physical banks. This stress could include long queues which waste time and will therefore hinder people from accomplishing their goals of going to the bank first off.

In this article, we will be exploring every single thing about Kuda Bank, its unique features that makes it dependable, and an excellent substitute for conventional banking, but first of all, you might be curious to know who the owner of Kuda bank might be so read carefully.

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Who Owns Kuda Bank?

Babs Ogundeyi is the CEO of Kuda Bank. He studied at Brunel University, London, and has engaged in working within the boundaries of finance for the majority of his career. His work focuses on the public and private sectors of Nigeria.

He was a previous employee of the PricewaterhouseCoopers advising banks, including acting as a senior special adviser pertaining to finance to the federal government of Nigeria.

Mr. Ogundeyi was part of the creation of the first classified car magazine known as the Motor Trader Nigeria which Financial Standard purchased later, a reputable Nigerian newspaper firm. 

How To Apply For A Kuda Bank Loan

To apply for a Kuda loan you must first register on the app

Here’s How-To

  • Go to Play store and download the Kuda app
  • Install the app
  • Sign up by filling in all the requirements needed
  • An OTP will be sent to you confirming your number and you’re good to go

To Access A Loan On Kuda Bank? Do this

  • Open the Kuda Bank app
  • Swipe to borrowed account
  • Click on borrow
  • Click on get overdraft and click next
  • Input the amount you want to borrow
  • Verify your transaction using either a pin, face ID, or fingerprint
  • Click okay and you’re good to go.

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How Much Can I Borrow From Kuda Bank?

In Kuda Bank, you can borrow up to 50,000 naira. But it all depends on your credit history.

If you have a good credit score, you might be allowed a bigger amount, but if your credit score is poor you might not get as much as you expected.

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