Best Executive Assistant at 33Vincent

Position of Executive Assistant at 33Vincent

Executive Assistant at 33Vincent: Does a well-organized inbox make your heart beat faster? Will the color-coded calendar make you laugh from ear to ear? You may have come to the right place.

Along with highly skilled executives, your role is to coordinate chaos – your client’s gatekeeper, opinion leader, entertainer, detective, and not afraid to provide advice and accountability. You speak so that your clients work better.


If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that flexibility is gold. We need jobs that meet the needs of our ever-changing lives, but also provide opportunities to develop skills and make a significant impact.

As an administrative assistant of 33V, you can create and define your workflow. You won’t sit in an awkward cubicle next to a boring office lounge and wait until 5 pm. Your working hours, your work products, and your interactions with 33V customers are all led by you.

And you are not doing this alone! 33 Vincent has an amazing online community of other remote EAs. Our community will help and solve any problems you encounter very quickly while providing help.

Do you want to know if a particular application is working well, or do you need a list of the best florists in the Dallas area? We have many experienced EAs ready to share their first-hand knowledge with you.


Training, development, employee IT, and monthly virtual “meetings” make the WFH 33V lifestyle not only desirable but also fun. We are the best combination of freelance style and online community.

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Executive Assistant Skills at 33Vincent

More than 5 years of executive assistant, administrative support, or customer service experience: Inbox and calendar management, file management + contact + to-do list, travel planning and logistics, catering management, etc.

A bachelor’s degree is best

Perfect communication skills


Exemplary planning and time management skills

Outstanding customer service instinct

Proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment while managing multiple workflows

Over 10 working hours per week Hours (mostly during working hours) is preferred for working more than 15 hours a week

Technically fluent

Dedicated to continuous improvement

Previous freelance or virtual experience prefers

Legal ability to work in the United States

This is a position remotely autonomous; Candidates must be able to use their own computer.

The most important thing is that you need a “do everything” mentality. Although we provide in-depth training and induction training, we are looking for experienced professionals who are confident in their ability to solve problems and feel comfortable without direct supervision. As a 100% virtual organization, it is essential to use technology to connect with others and perform well in an autonomous work environment.

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

We welcome you here.

33 Vincent is committed to building a diverse team and providing a working environment without any form of discrimination.

33 Vincent strives to ensure that all decisions regarding contractor participation, employee recruitment, and promotion are made on a non-discriminatory basis, regardless of gender, race, color, age, nationality, religion, disability, genetic information, marital status, sex Orientation, gender identity/reassignment, pregnancy or childbirth, veteran status, or any other conditions protected by applicable national, federal, state, or local laws.

Therefore, 33Vincent does not tolerate discrimination based on the above categories in any employment behavior, including but not limited to employment, placement, promotion, dismissal, dismissal, transfer, permission, benefits, compensation, and training.

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