How to create Express Entry Profile (Canada)

Express entry is an online immigration application system used by the Canada immigration department to manage applications for permanent residence.

The first step involved in getting started with the express entry application is to create an Express Entry profile. To create a new express entry profile:

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1. Visit the CIC website www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/account.html

  • Select the “Sign in with GCkey” option and click on “sign up
  • You should fill in the information required and then set up your recovery questions and answers. After you have filled in the required information, you can proceed to create your Express Entry account.

2. You will have to input the following information that will be required for your Express Entry account, then “continue” to your account home page.

3. Down your home page, click on “start an application” and select the “apply to come to Canada” option under it.

Here a personal reference code is required to update your already existing information. But if you do not have this code, just click on “Express Entry (EE)” under the option “i do not have a personal reference code“.

Now you will have to provide answers to these questions that will follow to check your eligibility:

  • The Province/territory you intend to live in:  Here you can select any province/territory you want. It is not compulsory that you live here.
  • Language test taken for your first official Language: You should select the test you have taken from the options.
  • Date the test was taken: Enter the date the test was taken ( the test date must not be more than two years from this time).
  • Test scores:  Input your test scores (to check if you reach the required score).
  • Other language results: Here you are expected to input your results from any other language test taken. If you have not taken any other language test, then select “none“.
  • Number of years of skilled work experience you have had in Canada in the last three years:  If you have never had any work experience in Canada, select “none” here. NOC level is also required here to determine your occupational skill category. But if you have never worked in Canada, also select “none” here.
  •  Number of years of skilled work experience had in the last ten years:  Input the number of years of skilled work experience you have had from your home country or any other country if you have had any. If you have had at least two years of experience in one of these types of jobs in the last five years, you should indicate, but if not, also select “none“.
  •  Amount of money you will bring to Canada and number of family members you have: Here you should select the amount in CAD (Canadian dollars) and input the number of family members you have even if you plan on going alone. If you will be going alone, select the option “1”.
  • Any valid job offer in Canada:  Indicate if you have a valid job offer in Canada or not by selecting “yes” or “no“.
  • Your Date of Birth, highest Educational Level:  Input your date of birth and the highest educational level of which you have been awarded a degree or certificate in Canada or equivalent to a Canadian degree (result of WES evaluation from an approved agency).
  • If you have: Studied full-time in Canada for two or more years, had at least two years of work experience in Canada, any relative who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, or “none of the above“.
  • Marital status: Indicate your marital status here. If you are married, you will have to provide some information about your spouse.
  • If your spouse plans to come with you
  •  If your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • If your spouse has studied for two years (full-time) in Canada
  • If your spouse has worked (full-time) for one year or more in Canada
  • If your spouse has taken a language test: If yes, then input the score.

After you have successfully provided the above information, you can go ahead to provide the required information for your Express Entry profile. Click on “Continue”  to start. The following information will be required:

  • First name, last name, gender, date of birth (all as they appear in your passport).
  • Your marital status. If you are married and your partner will be accompanying you to Canada, then you should fill in their details as well and click “next

The next page displays a list of forms that will require information about you and your spouse (if married). To start filling any of these forms, click on “start form“.

4. Candidate Express Entry Form (step by step process):

Here it is advised that you make sure every information provided is accurate. You can also save your progress at any point by clicking on “save and exit” to continue from there at any point or to avoid any form of accident that could have you repeat the process.

Filling the forms :

  • Personal Details: This form requires some of your personal information which include :
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status
  • ID documents (details from passport)
  • Immigration history and citizenship
  • country of residence
  • Amount of money to be brought
  • Details of your relatives in Canada (if you have)

After filling the personal details form, click on “save and exit” to save your progress and exit the form. If a form is complete, you will see a green tick mark and “complete“. You will also see an “update form” button where you can update your form at any time.

  • Contact Details: Select your language of correspondence and provide your email address.
  • Study and Languages:  This form requires:
  • Details of study from secondary to graduation
  • Your field of study
  • Details of ECA (If you did not study in Canada) which include: date issued and certificate number. Click “save and add” for each degree earned.
  • Details of language test that was taken, scores, certificate number.
  • Application Details: Here you are required to select the province you want to live in, which is also not compulsory that you live there. There’s a “Nomination and selection” option where you are to select “yes” if you have received a nomination from any province and provide the details, or “no” if you have not received any nomination.
  • Representative: Here you are to indicate if you would want a representative to handle your correspondence with IRCC, if not select “no
  • Work History:  Here you will select your major field of occupation (where you have work experience) NOC code. You must input the correct code.
  • date when you graduated from your highest degree or date when you got your license to work under your trade field. Next:
  • Certificate of qualification ( if you have a certificate of qualification, provide details) Next:
  • Job offer in Canada: (If you have a job offer in Canada, provide the details carefully. If you do not have, then select “no”) . “The research” section is optional.
  • Spouse Form: Here you should fill in the details of your spouse carefully as well. It is important to note that whatever you input here, you will also have to provide documentation for it. If there are sections you can not claim information for, you can leave them blank.

Now after every status shows “complete“, click on  “continue“.

The next page shows the “Electronic Declaration Signature“.

Scroll down and select “I agree” were needed then type in your name and click “sign

After signing the declaration, the page refreshes and the “Sign” button changes to “Transmit“, then click on it.

After clicking on it, the next page will show a “Congratulatory” message.

Now you can click on “Exit Questionnaire“.

You will then be redirected to the homepage. To check your CRS details, click on the “Check full application status” link at the right corner. You can scroll down this page to see your CRS score.

You can also update your details on your Express Entry profile at any time and “re-transmit” the application.


Now you can wait for an invitation to apply (ITA). When you receive an invitation, you will receive an email directing you to “sign in to your account and view your new message“.

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