Best Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Cambridgeshire

All drivers in Cambridgeshire want to get the cheapest car insurance rates, do you not? It’s probably been a while since you compared your options or identified the need to change your coverage limits. The best way to get the most affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire is to get a quote and compare your options.

In Cambridgeshire, it is illegal to drive a vehicle on the road or in public places without at least third-party insurance – which is the minimum required insurance for drivers. 

If you are caught defaulting, you would be made to pay a hefty fine. Which is in no way pocket friendly. However, do not panic. You can obtain affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire without much ado. 

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Ways To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Cambridgeshire

Getting affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire is a lot easier than you think.  You just need a little guidance and there you have it! Following the simple tips provided below will help you get affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire:

1. Access Your Needs

How much coverage do you need? How much are you willing to spend on car insurance? Accessing your needs would help you have a clear picture of what you want from your car insurance and prevent you from paying for something you don’t need.

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2. Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

The car you drive influences your premiums significantly. Vehicles that have high records of being stolen are more costly to insure.

This also applies to vehicles with powerful engines and high speeds like sports cars. When selecting a vehicle, make sure to choose wisely.

3. Increase Your Vehicle Security

Taking precautions lowers the risk of vandalization and theft. Parking your vehicle in a garage with an immobilizer installed, adding a car alarm system, and taking other security measures will qualify you for a discount from your auto insurance company. 

4. Have A Clean Driving History

This is one of the best ways to get affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire. Drivers who engage in safe and defensive driving practices are charged the least for car insurance. Drivers with multiple violations on their record tend to have high premiums and we don’t want that.

5. Shop Around For Quotes

Shopping for quotes is paramount to getting affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire. Added to the fact that prices of car insurance change based on claims and state regulations, auto insurers have different rating systems. Searching and comparing quotes will help you find insurance that best suits your needs in Cambridgeshire.

6. Ask About Discounts

Discounts can reduce your premium costs even further. Car insurance companies offer discounts for many things. You can contact your broker or insurance agent to find which one you qualify for.

You can also lower your premiums by adding an experienced driver to your policy, paying a higher excess, and not using your vehicle for business purposes.

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Types Of Car Insurance Coverage In Cambridgeshire

The car insurance coverage types include:

  1. Third-party Insurance 
  2. Third-party fire and theft Insurance
  3. Comprehensive Insurance


Third-party insurance is the cheapest and the minimum legal requirement in Cambridgeshire. This coverage type pays out for property damages and injuries to the third party when you are at fault in an accident. It does not cover damages or injuries to your person.

Third-Party Fire And Theft 

This type of insurance provides coverage for injuries and property damage to the third party and also provides cover when in events where your car is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive insurance provides the same cover as third-party fire and theft. It also covers damages to your vehicle when involved in an accident.

Other additions to this level of coverage include;

  • Cover for medical expenses
  • Roadside recovery schemes
  • Vehicle repairs in case of breakdown
  • Providing a courtesy car while your car is being repaired, legal expenses, and insurance to recover your uninsured losses.
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Driving Without Car Insurance In Cambridgeshire – Penalties

If you are caught driving without car insurance in Cambridgeshire, you could receive a fixed penalty of 300Euros and 6 penalty points on your license. You can also get an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving if the case goes to court.

The police have the right to seize and in some cases, destroy vehicles driven without insurance.

Driving without car insurance is no way to cut costs. We advise that you purchase insurance plans with wide coverage. You can purchase the most affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire to save you from any of the penalties.

Factors That Affecting Car Insurance Rates In Cambridgeshire

Certain factors affect car insurance rates in Cambridgeshire. Auto insurers consider these factors when determining how much you pay for car insurance. They include:


This is one of the highest-ranking factors that affect premium cost. Teens and young drivers, due to lack of experience behind the wheel are categorized as high-risk drivers and they pay more for auto insurance. 


Your location can also impact your affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire. Where you live, how far, how often, and where you drive matter. If you live in areas with reoccurring events of theft, and insurance fraud cases, chances are your premiums would be high. This also applies to congested areas with much traffic.

Driving Record

 If you are a safe driver with good driving behaviors, you could qualify for discounts but violations like tickets and accidents can have a large impact on costs. 

Claims History

Typically, car insurers will ask about your claims history, usually 3-5 years back. If you have made claims, your premiums may be to be affected. However,  the level of that impact it would have on your premium would depend on the claim.

Type of Vehicle

The type of car you drive is also considered by car insurers when determining payments. Certain features in a vehicle can affect your insurance like engine size, cost of repair, the likelihood of theft, and overall safety records.

Value of your vehicle

The value or worth of your car affects your car insurance premiums as well. New vehicles are more expensive to insure compared to old vehicles.

Level of cover required

Different levels of coverage and limit have different premium costs. Your chosen coverage type will also affect the rates you pay for car insurance. 


There is a comfort that comes when you have your car insurance as a driver in Cambridgeshire. Mostly when it comes at a low price.

Getting affordable car insurance in Cambridgeshire is a rather straightforward process. The steps provided will help you find the best policies that effortlessly fit into your budget. And don’t forget, drive safely.

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