Federal Government Road Safety Corp (FRSC) Recruitment, policy, And Application 2021/2022.

The Federal Government created the FRSC with a mandate to eradicate traffic crashes as well as maintain traffic laws and orders.

The Federal Road Safety Corps ( FRSC)  is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that traffic signs, rules, and regulations are obeyed, such as; Zebra crossing, Pedestrian crossing, Using the Overhead Bridge in place of crossing the highway, obeying the Traffic Lights, Fastening seatbelts.

These laws are put in place and order to reduce the risk of accidents, and the build-up of traffic jams.

In the course of carrying out these exercises, the FRSC has the right to arrest, and or prosecute traffic law offenders.

As of 2018, the total length of federal government roads in Nigeria reached 36,000 kilometers, while secondary routes were 18,000 kilometers in total 17,000 trunk routes, and 343 kilometers made up of street roads. 

These federal roads are applied by every citizen of the state, and the FRSC is like a parent that keeps the activities of pedestrians, road transporters, and motorists in check.

Therefore they ensure that;

  • Motorists fasten their seatbelts.
  • Drive within the said/required speed limits.
  • The validity of driver’s licenses is regulated.
  • Motorists make proper use of the highway and stop at signs such as zebra crossings, and pedestrian crossings.
  • Obstructions on highways are cleared.
  • Highway traffic codes and lights are standardized and regulated.
  • Special roads like BRT Lanes are not applied by regular commercial drivers.
  • Prompt aid, care, and attention are given to accident victims.
  • Pedestrian and Overhead bridges are applied.

It is for the above reasons that the Federal Road Safety Corps are recruiting. Especially for the posts of;

  • Officer Cadre
  • Marshall Inspectorate Cadre
  • Road Marshall Assistant Cadre

The need for more capable hands increases by the day as the workload becomes bulky, therefore eligible applicants are needed. 

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How To Apply

Potential applicants should visit the FRSC website at www.recruitment.frsc.gov.ng for application steps.

Applicants should ensure that the following requirements are readily available at the moment of registration;

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Proof of citizenship; means of Identification. National Identification Number (NIN), Drivers License, National Identity or Voters Card.
  3. OND, HND, or B.SC Degree.
  4. O’level results in either WASCE, NECO, or GCE. Not less than five (5) credits, and in not more than two (2) sittings.
  5. A minimum height of 1.64meters is required for females and 1.7meters for males.
  6. A medical fitness certificate is granted by a certified general hospital or health service provider.

These requirements are to be uploaded to the website after the applicants have created a login portal. 

After which eligible applicants will be selected. Feedback will be provided in the applicants’ mailbox via the email address uploaded on the portal or text messages communicated via the applicants’ phone number. 

Under no circumstances should an applicant use details/credentials belonging to someone else, as such acts would be denounced and terminated.

For more information on;

  • Portal login 
  • Shortlisted names
  • Screening date
  • Training date
  • Past questions…

Visit www.recruitment.frsc.gov.ng 


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